AIU Wk 5 Behavioral Manipulation Exhibited by Inmates in Correctional Institutions Paper

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Assignment: Final Project Step I: Revising the Problem/Purpose Statement and Choosing the Approach

Beginning this week and extending through the rest of the course, you will work on the components that constitute your Final Project, a qualitative research plan. You will produce the Final Project in a stepwise fashion; during each week, you will work on a new step. You will receive from your classmates and Instructor feedback on each step that you will incorporate into the final document.

The intent of this project is to develop knowledge and practice skills that will prepare you for developing a qualitative capstone proposal. In fact, most of the Assignments closely parallel the requirements for a qualitative research proposal as described in the qualitative checklist.

Note: Be sure to watch the “Final Project Guidelines” video included in this week’s Learning Resources in preparation for Final Project Step I.

The Final Project is composed of six steps. These are presented in the video, and the instructions for each step are described in detail in the week each occurs.

Step I: Revising the problem/purpose statement and choosing the approach (Week 5)
Step II: Developing an interview guide, invitation, and data collection protocol (Weeks 6 and 7)
Step III: Conducting the interviews, taking notes, and journaling (Week 8)
Step IV: Transcribing and organizing data and peer debrief (Week 9)
Step V: Considerations for qualitative analysis, including analysis plan, coding strategies, and software choices (Week 10)
Step VI: Final submission and reflection (Week 11)

In Week 5, you will complete Step I of the Final Project. To complete Step I, do the following:

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review your Workshop thread, paying particular attention to feedback you collected during Weeks 1–5 on your problem statement, purpose, research question, and approach.
  • Review the qualitative checklist.
  • Review the Final Project Rubric.

By Day 6

Revise and submit your draft problem statement, purpose, research question, and approach for Instructor approval.

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Surname 1

Revising the Problem, Research Question, and Research Design
Week 5
Submission Date
Research Topic: Behavioral Manipulation exhibited by Inmates in correctional Institutions
towards the officers’ in-charge and Responses under these circumstances
Research Problem
Understanding the behavioral manipulations manifested by inmates in correctional
facilities towards the officers-in-charge so that they can elope with charges and get free is
essential towards formulating effective rules that curb inmates' cunning behavior (Worl...

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