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HCM 415 SNHU Importance of Alternative Strategic Plans in A Healthcare Environment Discussion

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  1. Explain the need for developing strategic alternatives and why strategic alternatives are important for a successful organization. Use scholarly and peer-reviewed sources to support your explanation.
  2. Examine industry policy changes and the need to develop a flexible strategic plan, specifically, how the source of the policy (such as federally mandated changes, industry best practices, or state requirements) impacts the need to develop a flexible strategic plan. Use appropriate sources to support your claims.
  3. Make strategic alternative recommendations for the healthcare organization in your case study. Be sure these recommendations address the specific policy issue changes faced by the healthcare organization.
  4. 2 pages , not including the title and reference page. APA format

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Importance of alternative strategic plans in a healthcare environment
Strategic alternative planning refers to strategies developed by a business to create a new
direction. Strategic alternative planning is necessary in healthcare because it helps different
departments, such as cardiology and electrophysiology, to work better. Alternative strategic plans
in the healthcare department are important because they reduce the possibility of life-threatening
situations in the healthcare environment (Perera & Peiró, 2012). In situations where there appears
to be a great disparity between demand and supply in the health sector, strategic alternatives are
necessary to improve the quality of patient care. The strategic alternative planning is an eye-opener
for structuring an organization to make it attain its optimum potential. A strategic alternative
approach to the healthcare environ...

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