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Pepperdine University Organizational Change by Utilizing Change Theory Paper

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Identify a need or problem in your organization. You should identify the target population affected by the problem or need and describe how they are affected by the problem.

2. Identify constraints that are operating or may operate against the change.

3. Identify factors supporting the change.

4. Specify the change theory being applied.

5. Develop goals and objectives of the proposed change.

6. Using the steps of the change model, describe the plan for action including recommended strategies and tactics to facilitate the change.

7. Identify the change agent and those activities of the change agent that are essential to the success of the project.

8. Describe the time frame for the implementation of the change.

9. Discuss roles of key personnel in the implementation of the project.

10. Describe mechanisms for feedback, assessment, and revision when actual potential problems are encountered.

11. Describe the ideal outcome as well as the ideal impact on the organization.

Pepperdine University Organizational Change by Utilizing Change Theory Paper

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Organizational Change

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Organizational Change
Business Process Automation

The increased customer expectation and technological advancement are the central factors that
drive organizations to look into the improvement in performance by innovation. Structural change
looks at the process in which any business changes its technologies, strategies, and operational
techniques as well as the impacts of these changes. Change based on principles is development,
while change without principles is chaos. Though many people hesitate when it comes to change,
the adoption of changes paves the way for opportunities and innovation. Organizations that are
able and willing to adopt changes will be the survivor. This change paper aims to identify an
organizational change by utilizing change theory.
The Organizational Need, and the Affected Population
There is a need for business process automation in my organization. Besides the problems, the
whole organization faces as a result of lack of automation, the most affected departments and
targeted population include the general management department, finance department, operations
department, sales, and purchase departments. Across the organization, especially in operations
departments, the business operations are not streamlined. The environment is becoming complex
with the organization’s numerous disparate applications. The organization is increasing in size,
which makes the complexity in business operations increase day by day, which results in inefficacy
in operations hence lower productivity. In departments such as finance, sales, and purchase
departments, it is becoming difficult for them to find and rectify errors in the daily business
operations manually. The manual entering of high volumes of business data or sharing of files in
these departments is increasingly creating human errors, and the cost of correcting these is
becoming incredibly high. Lastly, when it comes to the general management department, much



time is consumed as a result of manual reporting. The management compiles and manually create
reports, which is not only tiresome but also a time-consuming task, which can as well lead to
Constraints against the Change
The constraints that may operate against the change include the fear of losing jobs among
employees. Some of the employees who might detect the risk of losing their positions due to
business process automation might strongly oppose the change. Typically, such employees will do
anything in their power to bring down the change proposal to protect their jobs. The cost of
investment in automation solutions might also be a key constraint that may operate against the
change (, 2019). Some of the top management officials might feel the
automation process will drain the organization’s finances, leading to bankruptcy. Such perceptions
might also pose a significant threat to the change since these officials might incite some employees
not to accept the change whatsoever, leading to the change failure. The automation processes also
involve the use of digital technology: This might be a constraint since staff members, especially
the elderly ones, might feel that they have no skills in dealing with the modern technological

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