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Unit V PowerPoint Presentation **

Weight:11% of course grade

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Imagine that you have been tasked with creating a training and development program for midlevel business managers in an organization (you can use your actual organization or one that you create). A midlevel manager is defined as a manager of managers. You have to present your proposed training program to your supervisor. To do this, you must decide on a training model, conduct a needs analysis, write learning objectives, and create the content of the training. For your assignment, you will create a 12- to 14-slide presentation (not counting the title and reference slides) that includes specific information as outlined below.

The topic of the training can be any subject relevant to a midlevel manager that we covered in the course, such as how to deliver real-time coaching feedback, how to communicate unfavorable news to employees (e.g., compensation status changes), or how to communicate that a complaint has been made against an employee concerning harassment. If you are unsure that your topic is appropriate, contact your professor for approval.

§Be sure to include the information below in your PowerPoint presentation.

§Discuss your selected training process model, and describe why you recommend this model.

§Explain the steps you would have taken to conduct a needs analysis.

§State how this training links to the organizational objectives.

§Provide a sample of two measurable course objectives (from input objectives through impact objectives).

§Present one of the program’s completed modules. For example, this should be one or two of the objectives that inform or engage the participants in an activity.

Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide with proper APA style. In addition, a minimum of one academic source that was not used in the Unit III Lesson or listed in required reading must be used, cited, and referenced. If you need assistance, the CSU library staff can help you with your research for this assignment. You may also use the slide notes function to explain slide contents as necessary, but this is not required.

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Final Answer




 Employee training is necessary to equip employees with essential
skills, knowledge and attitudes.
 It is based on the existing knowledge gaps in the organization.
 A needs analysis identifies existing gaps.
 Training program is designed to bridge the current knowledge gaps.
 Selection of suitable models is based on the existing gaps and
approach to meet an organization's training needs.

Training Model
Instructional Systems Development Model

 This training model is suitable for answering training problems in an
 Cases of confusion and employee bitterness results from inadequate
handling of unfavorable news to employees.
 The most suitable model is the instructional system development
 It is concerned with existing training needs regarding job performance
(Sharma & Jain, 2013).
 It measures individual progress to ascertain areas of improvement
following the adoption of the model.

The rationale for the model

 Model applies in circumstances where gaps in skills knowledge and
attitude exist among current company employees.
 It provides on-the-job training and seeks to provide instructions on
how to handle such issues as they arise.
 ISD model is easy to apply and relates to specific management gaps
and issues.
 It is a continuous learning (Gagne et al., 2005).
 Feedback...

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