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ENGL 1101, Spring 2020

Essay 3: Researched Argument

The goal of this essay is to develop and put into practice the necessary skills to craft an argumentative essay, in order to make a point and hopefully convince your audience that you are correct. In order to accomplish this, you’ll be proposing some improvement on a small, local scale that you think would make life better. This could be something in your hometown, something in your neighborhood, something at ATC, etc. Examples for topics that I have seen in the past include, ways to improve MARTA, ways to help the homeless population, ways to reduce student loan debt, etc. For this paper, you should have at least 4 sources that help back up your arguments. Through your research, you should explain the problem, identify a solution that you think could be realistically put into practice, and convince your audience that this is a solution they should support. This may mean explaining why it is better than other possible solutions or things that have been tried in the past.

The Assignment: The culmination of this project will be a thoughtful, researched, 3-6 page paper, including proper attribution of all information from your sources and a Works Cited page. Your goal should be to research a way to improve some aspect of life on a local scale and present that in a convincing way. Because this assignment is so open-ended (which can be a bit daunting), it’s important that you choose an issue that is legitimately interesting or important to you, but that also is researchable and arguable.

Criteria for Evaluation:

Introduction/thesis 10 points

Explains Problem5 points

Proposes Solution 10 points

Provides solid sources /reasoning 30 points

Minimum of 3 pages 5 points

Logical Organization 10 points

Clarity of Thought/Prose 10 points

Effective Use/Integration of Sources 10 points

At least 4 sources 10 points

Conclusion paragraph answers “so what” 5 points

Works Cited Page 15 points

Participation in Peer Review 15 points

First Draft Turned in on time 20 points

Revision/Improvement 30 points

Reflection Letter 15 points

Total: 200 points


This essay should be 3-5 pages in length (if you feel you need more space to adequately get your point across, longer is also fine). It should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. Please format the essay and Works Cited page according to MLA guidelines (you can refer to the OWL at Purdue website [provided here:] regarding questions about MLA, and we’ll go over basics in class).

Important Dates:

First Draft Due Monday, March 30th for Peer Review (stay tuned for how we will conduct this Peer Review Session if we are still online)

Final Draft + Works Cited + Reflection Letter Due Friday, April 17th by 11:59pm to Blackboard

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Ways to Reduce Local Drug Addictions
Addiction to drugs is one of the most significant problems among the youth in our local
communities. A high number of teenagers are dependent on drugs which have substantial effects
on their health and general lifestyle. Most people addicted to drugs tend to have a problematic
relationship with their families and live as if they are in a different world. People who consume
drugs use a lot of money in acquiring the drugs, which makes them use illegal means to get
money (Bozinoff and Nikki 35). In our neighborhoods, there is a high number of people addicted
to drugs. The drugs are mostly obtained in the streets, with peddlers taking advantage of the high
rate of addiction to make money from school going students. Some of the drugs include heroin,
crack, marijuana, meth, and cocaine. The paper discusses the different ways that can be
implemented to reduce drug addiction within our communities. The central thesis of this essay is
that a holistic and person-focused approach to drug problems is necessary to resolve these issues
on a local scale.
Reducing Drug Addiction
There are significant problems and side effects caused by drug addiction. The major
problem identified is the effects on the health of the person. Most of the drugs sold on the streets
tend to have substan...

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