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UOPX Acceptance of Vaccines for Children 12 Years and Below in Rural Areas Dissertation

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The Problem Statement for Doctoral Research

For this assignment, you will turn your attention to the Problem Statement and Research Method Choice Alignment sections of the Research Prospectus Template. As you begin to think about your research topic, you must consider how it is related to your degree program (e.g., DM, DCS) and your concentration area. In addition, it is necessary to reflect upon the problem you plan to study and through this process of reflection to develop a justification of how your choice of research method is appropriate for addressing the study problem you have chosen.

Locate the Problem Statement section of the Research Prospectus, and draft 1 paragraph of no more than 250–300 words that addresses the following:

  • Describe the study problem you will focus on for your dissertation project.
  • The problem must be both practice-based and scholarship-supported, and therefore needs to consider both practice and recent research.
  • Cite theoretical, conceptual, and empirical peer-reviewed literature to support the relevance of your proposed study problem.

Remember this is the first draft of your study problem and you will continue to refine this problem until your Dissertation Proposal has been approved.

2–3 pages (Not to include title and reference page)

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Final Answer



Acceptance of Vaccines for Children 12 Years and Below in Rural Areas




Acceptance of Vaccines for Children 12 Years and Below in Rural Areas
Disease prevention is the priority of all healthcare agencies and stakeholders involved.
Vaccines are some of the most effective disease prevention approaches despite also being
polarizing for some deniers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) (2020), vaccination has successfully eradicated smallpox and contained many
preventable diseases. My project will focus on the factors affecting adoption and
administration of vaccines to children 12 years of age and below in rural areas. Rural parents
who may be poorly informed about vaccines may not vaccinate their children hence exposing
them to the risk of preventable diseases. A study performed in Botswana, Dominican
Republic, and Greece showed that most parents depend on healthcare workers to get vaccine
information and trust in the government as well as the health care systems was correlated to
acceptance of vaccines (Handy et al., 2017). The problem for this project is the barriers
experienced in acceptance and administration of vaccines in rural United States. Specifically,
access to information is considered one of the major factors to consider and hence forms one
of the hypotheses for this research. When compared to urban populations, HPV vaccines have
been administered 15% lower in rural areas while meningococcal conjugate vaccines has
been administered 20% lower in th...

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