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To complete Photo Journal 2, simply select an outdoor location in the Bay Area and visit it remotely via web resources and pictures published online. Follow the instructions outlined in the assignment sheet, i.e. what questions you need to answer related to your chosen location and how many photos you need to include in your journal,

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GEOG 301: Bay Area Environments Fall 2020 Photo Journal #2 Due March 30th by 3:00 PM Activity Summary For this assignment I want you to visit your favorite OUTDOOR location in the San Francisco Bay Area and document your experience using photography. In addition to the photos that you take, please provide answers to the three Photo Journal Questions that are listed below. You can visit ANY location that you like as long as it is A.) an outdoor location, so no that doesn’t mean you get to visit Stonestown or a movie theater, and B.) not the location you are going to visit for your Self‐Guided Field Trip. Photo Journal Questions: 1. Why did you choose this location? (Be honest, if you choose your location because it’s located close to where you live, then say so!) 2. How does your location relate to the topics we have discussed during the first half of class? (It needs to relate to topics covered in class somehow, so saying it doesn’t relate is not going to be good enough.) 3. Do you feel like the location you have chosen practices sustainability? If so, how? If not, why? Take a minimum of FIVE photos at your location, including a photo of yourself in the location, and write a caption for each photo. EVERY PHOTO MUST HAVE A CAPTION!! Five photos is just the minimum number of photos you need to take for this journal, you can include more if you like. Deliverable A PDF or Word doc containing your minimum of five photos needs to be submitted via TurnItIn on iLearn no later than 3:00 PM on March 30th. Rubric Task Photographs from your chosen location Answers to questions 1 – 3 Captions for each photo Total Points Available 5 3 2 10 ...
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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Photo Journal
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a state of the art modern art museum in
San Francisco Bay area. I chose this location because of its amazing collection of
contemporary and modern art, which are globally recognized. The museum offers an
immersive environment, whe...

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