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Create a literature review on curriculum. Your literature review should reflect information gained from at least ten (10) sources. Be sure to include your stance on the knowledge gained as well as suggestions for improvement (if any).

Use APA format for this review.

Each student will prepare two (2) literature reviews. This requirement of the course will afford the student an opportunity to review best practices in the current curriculum literature. The purpose of this activity is to provide the student with a foundation in the content area.

Reading selections may be directed to the following topics:

• Multi-culturalism is curriculum (truth, balance, harmony, bias-free)

• Special Education

• Specific content areas (Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA, etc.)

• Professional Development

• Systems Thinking

• Curriculum Models

• Curriculum Evaluation and Appraisal

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Running head: CURRICULUM

Literature Review on Curriculum
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Literature Review on Curriculum

Ezedike (2019) conducted a philosophical exploration if the effect of internationalization
on the native African moral frameworks. It concentrated on the issue of acculturation emerging
form the inauguration of a stranger and estranging education viewpoint by colonist powers, and
recently that of internationalization . The goal of this research is to evaluate the effect of colonist
education as well as internationalization with their associated cultural subtleties on current
Africa. The methodology used is non- experiential, and per se utilizes no quantifiable data. From
the findings, the colonist of Western ethos via Western instruction in Africa has introduced a
cultural prototype shift leading to the bastardization of the ethnic ethics of the...

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