Yale University Graphic Novels, Storytelling and Memes Aspects in Communication Essay

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Graphic novels, storytelling and memes aspects in communication

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Graphic novels, storytelling and memes aspects in communication
Communication is a process, which can be enhanced in different ways. There are various
aspects that one can use to ensure they convey their message effectively. However, the approach
will differ depending on the audience or the situation. One may choose to use verbal cues to pass
the message if he or she is talking to a group of people, not more than 100. However, that will
need a public address if the area is prone to noises or distractions. The choice, therefore, will also
be attributed to the environment and the time taken to convey the message. These are all
attributes that a speaker will put into consideration to ensure they pass their message effectively.
Taking a note on the issue of the use of visuals, it is important to have the best and which will
give the audience an easier time to understand. It may be possible to have a visual, which will
bring out a different meaning to the audience. The same case applies to the use of stories and
memes in the communication process. All these attributes are factors that contribute to the
success of failure of the communication process. Learning is one of the communication
processes that require the instructor to use effective ways while teaching students. Whether they
chose memes, visual novels, or stories, they need to ensure that it brings out the best meaning to
the student. It is all about coming up with a perfect communication process to ensure the students
are convinced of the learning process. Failure to which the learning process will not be ...

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