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UP Parental Decision on Vaccination of Children Under 12 Research Discussion

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Study Purpose and Research Question

For this assignment, you will compose a draft of the Study Purpose and Research Question sections of your Research Prospectus.
  • Study Purpose section: Begin with “The purpose of the [method choice] [research approach/design] study is to….” Following this, provide a brief rationale for your method choice. Next, specify your research site, target population, sampling method, proposed sample size, data collection method, and the data analysis software you plan to use. Finally, briefly articulate what you expect to be the contribution of study findings to both professional practice and scholarship in your field/concentration.
  • Research Question section: State the single overarching research question that will guide your study. (Note: For a quantitative or mixed methods study, you will also complete the Hypothesis(es) section; delete this section if you are planning a qualitative study.)
  • Ensure that you are able to demonstrate a clear alignment of your “trio”—the problem statement, study purpose, and research question.
  • Look ahead to the Research Method Rationale section, and provide an early draft of this section in your submission that matches the research method and research design choice included in your purpose sentence.

1-2 pages (not to include title and reference page)

My research topic is: Parental Decision of vaccinating or non-vaccinating children under 12 years old in the U.S.

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Health & Medical the Dissertation Research Prospectus
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Health & Medical the Dissertation Research Prospectus
Study purpose and research question
The primary focus of this study is to gather information about the parental decision on
the vaccination of children under 12 years in the United States. This study focuses more on
the determination of the perceptions of the parents on the issues of either or not allowing their
children to be vaccinated against the various conditions (Berry et al. 2017). The motivation
behind this topic is that some parents may have different perceptions of the issues of
childhood vaccination. Likewise, the provisions of the government may require all the
children to be vaccinated against certain diseases to prevent adverse effects.
The purpose of this qualitative survey research is to collect information about the
perceptions of parents on vaccination of their children below the age of 12 years in the
country in line with the directives offere...

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