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HOSP 3075 Boston University McDonald Marketing Environment in Russia Essay

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This video is what you might call a "classic". It's a historical lesson about how external environmental factors affect a business. It's one of the best examples to illustrate the different types of environmental factors. Enjoy.[streamerType]=auto

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HOSP3075 Assignment: The Marketing Environment Watch the video “Taste of the West”. While you are watching, think about the environmental threats and opportunities that McDonalds faced when preparing to open the first McDonald’s in Russia. Try to identify one factor/effect in each of the categories below. Type your answer below each category, and also identify whether it was a threat or opportunity for McDonald’s. (You don’t have to use full sentences for this; key words are fine.) I have answered the first one for you as an example. Save this document and upload it in the assignment link. Economic Environment: Prof. Davin’s answer: Russia was changing to a free-market economy, where people were free to spend their money. This was an opportunity for McDonald’s. Technological Environment (including Infrastructure): Cultural Environment: Political/Legal Environment: Natural Environment: Other (optional): ...
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HOSP3075 Assignment: The Marketing Environment

Economic Environment:
The economic situation at the time McDonald's was entering Russia was difficult. The narrator in
the video explains that people had to queue in long lines for food and consumer goods, which
were short in supply. The country was in the process of transitioning to a free-market economy
where people would be free to spend their money, and it had started entering into joint ventures
with the west in the hope that the ventures would speed up the transition. Citizens were looking
forward to the economic reforms that were yet to come. This, in my opinion, was an opportunity
for McDonald’s.

Technological Environment (including Infrastructure):
The technological environment in Russia at the time was not very good. As the narrator

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