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RIC External Environmental Factors Impact in Strategic Planning Discussion

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In a 2-page executive summary, do the following:

  • Identify and evaluate the impact of external environmental factors on the strategic planning of the organization in the scenario.
  • Recommend strategies to address these external factors and limit their influence on organizational operations.

Scenario: A small independent hospital in rural Georgia is seeking to attain Magnet Status. This designation demonstrates to stakeholders that the organization is committed to delivering high-quality patient care. With this designation, the organization can easily attract and retain a highly-engaged clinical staff. Moreover, it provides the organization an opportunity to market itself to potential patients as the place to receive top-quality care. This means that the organization could realize a greater market share of insured and private pay patients traveling as far as 100 miles just to receive the quality services. It also positions the organization to enter into joint ventures with physician groups eager to provide new services, which would lead to increased revenue streams.

Although the designation sounds like a great opportunity for the organization, the board of directors is split on their support of this designation. The board members in support of the designation understand the great value that this program will bring to the facility; however, those in opposition learned from a research study that non-magnet hospitals had better infection control and less post-operative sepsis. They also learned from another study that working conditions in a magnet facility are not better than those in non-magnet facilities. Therefore, the dissenting directors have concluded that the organization should not invest its time and resources to seek this credential. The CEO must get support from an overwhelming majority of the board to move forward with pursuing this designation.

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Strategic Planning



Impact of External Environmental Factors on an Organization’s Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is an essential element of an organization as it guides the decision
made on a daily basis providing a sense of direction and outlining the goals that are measurable
that the organization intends to achieve. It gives the organization a competitive advantage as it is
able to evaluate and plan ways to improve the organization's financial position as well as ways to
ensure customer satisfaction (Hayward, 2016). However, the ability to successfully implement an
organization's strategic plan can be influenced by several factors. This paper will address the
external environmental factors that impact an organization's strategic planning. Some of these
factors include public health, customers, the economy, ethics and laws, competitors, quality of
Quality of healthcare
An organiz...

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