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2 works each need 5 paragraph, each paragraph need 5 sentences. 400words each is enough.detsails in the attachmnent

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5 Paragraph each, 5 sentences each paragraph. 1. View the video on Johnson and Johnson Learning environment. How does their strategy create sustainable advantage for the organization. How does it help strengthen its workforce. ke_responsive=0 2. View the Video on the Container store. In which ways does the container store use: • Combination of formal education, job experiences, relationships, and assessment of personality and abilities to help employees prepare for the future of their careers e_responsive=0 ...
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Johnson and Johnson Video
The Johnson and Johnson group functions as a decentralized institution whereby each
functional groups and units are independent in their undertakings. With the many activities that
the company runs, it has a set of guidelines known as the credo. The credo is what unites the
Johnson and Johnson units as it offers them the independence to pursue relative paths. Decisions
in the company are made by the concerned individuals, mostly the managers meaning they are all
involved. Additionally, the company is interested in improving the use of resources, which helps
in the management of the same.
The strategy that the company uses to create sustainable advantage for the organization is
investing mainly in training to help maintain the production of quality products and services. The
learning environment of Johnson and Johnson is conducive in that it accepts that the employees
are their responsibility. In that case, the company understands that investing in knowledge is
worthwhile and therefore takes time to educate its employees. To deliver on this th...

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