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Overview of the keys to a successful healthcare emergency management program. What does it mean to be successful in healthcare emergency management? Include examples of successful programs and why they’re successful.

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Healthcare emergency


In the course of delivery or access to healthcare services in a community, there is a body
that is concerned with planning for the hazards, events, and threats that may occur.

It is a requirement by every state that organizations that are committed to delivering
healthcare services have proper planning for emergencies (Carroll, 2004).

In the emergency management program, a company details how it will execute the
principles of the emergency management program and other constituents of the program
(Buchbinder, Shanks & Kite, 2019).

The program will be followed when there are emergencies and it is in place to find a

Organization of an emergency management program

The emergency management program comprises the emergency management manager,
the assistant emergency management program manager and an emergency management

The program manager is there to ensure that the program is written and executed
successfully by having knowledge concerning the operations of an EMP, knowledge of the
healthcare facility and the EMP systems.

The assistant EMP manager will take the EMP manager’s role in his or her absence.

The emergency management committee is obliged to provide directions in case of an
emergency and to give feedback after an emergency.

Keys to a successful healthcare emergency management program

For a healthcare emergency management program to be considered successful, it must
incorporate the aspect of the emergency management program principle.

It must also include clear communication of its operations to the healthcare organization within
which it is designed.

There must be comprehensive training of all the stakeholders who will be involved in the
emergency operations.

The Emergency Management program must ensure comprehensive knowledge of the equipment
used ...

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