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Visit one of virtual museum tours outlined in this article, and view an exhibit hall containing artwork from our period of study--the 19th through the 21st centuries. (I recommend the British Museum, the Musee d'Orsay, or the Guggenheim.) I expect this assigned to take about 90 minutes: 45-60 minutes to browse, and 30-45 minutes to write and post. Completion of this activity replaces our class on Friday, 3/20.

As you are (virtually) there, think about making connections between what you are seeing and what we have read and discussed together in this class. Do you see art that is informed by a particular artist's positionality on the Privilege Wheel? Do you see art that depicts life as it is, similar to realist literature? Does the art you see relate to the themes we've discussed like gender and race issues, dealing with death, and freedom?

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On Saturday, March 14th, I visited the British Museum's virtual tour.

I looked at the following pieces:

1. Hiapo, Decorated Bark Cloth, Polynesia, early C19th

2. Articulated Model Dragon, signed by Myōchin Kiyoharu, Japan, early C19th

3. Africa: Arts and Cultures | Gold Elephants, mid C19th

4. Japan | Articulated Model Carp, Japan, mid C19th

Of these pieces, the most interesting one for me was the articulated model dragon. Both the carp and the dragon had cool construction. (How do they make them able to move? I wish I could have touched them!) Even though it comes from East Asia, the dragon reminds me of some of the ideas that we talked about in relation to Romanticism and Enlightenment in Europe. There is a lot of attention to physical details like eyes and scales and toenails, which would be important to the scientific observation of the Enlightenment. But this is a mythical creature, and it has a emotive expression rather than a clinical one, which is closer to Romantic sensibilities. Ultimate I chose this piece because I like the expression on the dragon's face. He looks playful and curious, and I like him.

Topics: The enlightenment in Europe and the Americans.

An Age of revolutions

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Virtual Museum Tour of The National Gallery of Art
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On Tuesday the 23rd, I visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C virtual
tour, where I looked at a brief survey of American fashion from the year 1740 to 1895. Most
of the garments on display were formal garments that would have been preserved and handed
down in a family from one generation to the next generation (history of fashion, 2016). A
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