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  • This assignment is content based.
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  • 1. Briefly explain the power-based approach as it relates to conflict.(4) Give an example of a relationship where you have power over another.(2) Describe two specific ways that you could balance the power differential.
  • 2.List three para-verbal gestures that you use often. What message do these gestures send to others? Is it the message that you intend to give?
  • 3.1. The following statements could indicate the potential for an evolving conflict based on triggers. Identify the trigger.(8) a. I am so tired of Lisa complaining about how tired she is. We are all tired but we just have to get the work done. I don’t think she knows what hard work is! b. I was given the role of team lead for a reason, so please just do what I ask. c. What do you mean, we aren’t getting bonuses anymore? d. It’s not realistic to ask us to continue to produce at these levels, we need more help.
  • 4. What aspect of the communication continua is evident in the following: (8) a. You never pay attention to what is important b. I know you are trying but I need to talk about the format of your progress reports. c. We can do this. d. How you feel isn’t relevant. e. Because I said so f. It’s very simple; just don’t go. g. I could have done that with my eyes closed h. Talk to me about what’s going on; let’s see if we can figure it out.
  • 5. Conflict capability assists us in determining an approach to conflict. Of the seven factors described in chapter eight which presents the greatest challenge for you and which is your strongest.(6) 6. In the beginning of every chapter the authors share a saying that is related to the content of the course. Share a favourite saying of yours that you feel offers insight into conflict management and explain why. (4)

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Briefly explain the power-based approach as it relates to conflict
Power-based approaches are the options which involve one to exercise his/her power in resolving
conflicts. In this approach fairness is not justified. This approach is much a win strategy. When a
conflict involving power-based approach the more powerful person always wins.
Give an example of a relationship where you have power over another
Relationship where one has power is relationship between manger and an employee. In this the
manager makes work assignments which must be followed by employees because they are under
Describe two specific ways that you could balance the power diffe...

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