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There are five sample social media posts. Tell me what type of post each is using the criteria for the Social Media Scavenger Hunt saved under Friday, February 28. Also, tell me what you think the objective of each post is. Post #1 Post #2 Post #3 Post #4 Post #5 Friday, February 28. Social Media part 1 Social media basics Social Media Plan • • • • Determine the objective Plan the content Distribute and promote content Measure success Common social media objectives • Primary • Build brand equity • Induce additional purchases • • • • Other Objectives Improve customer service Reach new customers Provide information and support • Collect customer feedback • Encourage loyalty Types of social media content • • • • • • • • • Humor Deals/discounts Contests/drawings Useful ideas/practices Insider knowledge Product updates News from the icon Training/education Community information Pepsi max - Snapchat Distribute and promote content to attract followers • • • • • On your website Contests/drawings In-person calls to action Events Advertising Airbnb - Twitter How to measure success • • • • • Volume Total number of likes/subscribers/followers New likes/subscribers/followers Lost likes/subscribers/followers Impressions/views Sonic - Instagram More ways to measure success • • • • • Engagement Re-posts/Re-tweets/Re-pins Likes/comments Click through rate Engagement rate Maytag - facebook More ways to measure success • Conversion • Conversion rate • Purchase frequency/likelihood Social media scavenger hunt • You will need to find examples from the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Find FIVE (5) of the 10 items. Take a screen shot of each and paste them into a Power Point slide. Tell me what the brand’s objectives seems to be and who the target is. Send your Power Point to me on Moodle under today’s date before Sunday, March 8 at 11:58 p.m. 1) A post that explains how to do something. 2) An advertisement or sponsored post/tweet/etc. 3) A post that promotes an event. 4) A post about a holiday. 5) A post that is not directly related to the specific brand or product that published the post. 6) A post with a celebrity promoting a product. 7) A contest that encourages consumers to take a picture of a brand or product. 8) A post with a picture of a product that has been shared at least 10,000 times 9) A post that promotes a sale or discount 10) A post that comments about a recent sporting event Friday, March 20 Social Media part 3 Key Term: Social media monitoring • Using a tool to measure what is being said across the internet from traditional websites to social sites • Also known as social listening, social media management, social media intelligence, social media measurement, online analytics, Buzz Analysis Why conduct social media monitoring or social listening? • To find out what people are saying and then make decisions off the insights gained How does it work? • Tools crawl sites continuously for mentions (keywords and phrases) and index them – Can be done in real time or other time increments • Indexes can then be searched and analyzed What can you use it for? • • • • • • • Crisis management Customer service Content creation Image recognition Campaign performance tracking Trend analysis Consumer research Consumer Research and Trend Analysis Example: arby’s • Arby’s noticed on social media that consumers mentioned loving their sauces • Used the info for product development and ad strategy Strategic Insights What can the tools available tell you? • Authors – Who is talking about you? • Volume – How frequently are you mentioned? • Sentiment – What is the nature of what people are saying? • Topics – What topics are being talked about? Chik-fil-a Who can use it and what for? • B2C – Is what people say positive or negative? – Which products are talked about the most and who talks about them? • B2B – What are your competitors doing? – What’s happening in the marketplace? • Non-profits – What are people saying about you? What do companies do with the data? • Create Reports • Conduct research • Use as input for decision making Marston’s One tool: Socialmention • Social Searcher - Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information. • It allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web's social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. Social searcher social mention Key measures on socialmention • Mentions – Likelihood that your brand is being discussed in social media • Users – Who is commenting about you • Sentiment – Ratio of mentions that generally positive to those that are generally negative Today’s task • Track Starbucks and Dunkin on Social SearchersSocial Mention • Look at the General Overview, Sentiments, and Users tabs • Which social media platform is most popular for each brand? • Who do you think is having the most impact this week on social media and why? 2) You were asked to make recommendations for social media for Jane’s Pet Shop. See Monday, March 9 for a copy of the case. a) What three social media platforms that would be relevant for the shop? Using the reasons provided in class about each social media platform tell me two reasons why each platform would be the best for the pet shop. b) What would be the worst platform for the shop and why? Social Media part 2 Advantages of social media • • • • • • Utilizes easy to access free to use platforms More brand exposure Easy to identify target audiences Improves search engine rankings Drives traffic to websites Immediate measurement Disadvantages of social media • • • • • • Opens up brands to negative feedback Requires constant monitoring Requires additional resources to manage Potential hacking of accounts May encourage inappropriate behavior Lacks a face to face connection Social media can be…. • Paid media – Pay for advertisements to appear • Earned media – Exposure from others talking about you • Owned media – You can control what you publish on your pages/feeds/etc. Which platform is right for your brand? • Depends on your target market’s demographics and lifestyle • Depends on how many people you want to reach • Depends on what you want people to do and what your goal is facebook • Most popular form of social media • Companies can create pages, send information to user news feeds and pay for advertising • Users can like a page, like specific content, make comments or share specific content Why use facebook? • Facebook is the still the most active social media platform especially among older generations • Facebook Insights provide detailed analytics • Great way to build an audience • Allows for a variety of content to be published • Different ad formats Facebook - lovebook snapchat • Snaps only last up to 10 seconds and disappear once they are viewed • Snapchat stories are available up to 24 hours • Filters and lenses allow for personalization • Messages can be sent just to friends or made public Why snapchat? • Popular with younger generations • Good way to interact with younger audiences • Demand more visual attention than Facebook ads • Good for fast, fun messages • Great for storytelling • Opportunities for creativity Snapchat – Pepsi canada Twitter • Twitter is about broadcasting information • More like a public message board • Tweets are limited to 140 characters, can include links to encourage website visits • Twitter does not control what gets posted to user newsfeeds as Facebook does • Retweeting of messages is key to success (multiplier effect) • Open platform • #’s help to organize tweets Why use twitter? • Good for conducting marketing research and social listening – Easy to listen to what others are saying • Brief message – Forces you to stick to what you need to say • Website traffic – Draws visitors to websites • Flexible Wendy’s and twitter Youtube basics • • • • • • Less social than other platforms Primarily a place for video content Allows for advertising targeting Less expensive than broadcast television ads More likely to lead to direct purchases Allows for measurement Why use youtube? • • • • • Videos capture attention High volume Videos can go viral Easy to integrate with other platforms Worldwide accessibility Youtube: go pr0 Pinterest basics • Visually oriented • Organizes “pins” in multiple columns • Users create boards dedicated to specific topics and post pins on their boards – think electronic bulletin board or scrapbook • Open platform, anyone can see other users’ pins Why pinterest? • • • • It converts more visitors into buyers Pinterest drives more traffic User engagement is high Pinterest can help you discover what your audience loves Lowe’s build it board Instagram basics • Started as a mobile app therefore is very mobile friendly • Only one post fits on a mobile screen • Allows for comments and sharing • Primarily visual so easy for users to look at • Good for building brand equity Why use Instagram? • Mobile functionality – Easy to use when you’re on the go • Visual nature – Mostly visual • Novelty – Different than other social media platforms • Not limited to one function – Attracts a varied audience Instagram – Heinz Brazil Exercise – jane’s pet shop • Using the description of Jane’s Pet Shop: • Choose three social media platforms that you think would work best for it and tell me why • Come up with an idea for a campaign that could work on at least two of your chosen platforms that that would generate interest in the pet shop • Be prepared to present your ideas to the class on Friday. 3) You were asked to read the Article - Toy Industry Looks to YouTube Talent for Next Generation of Merchandise. Please answer the following questions about the article: a) How have toy companies traditionally promoted their products? b) For what two reasons are some toy companies using YouTube stars and channels to promote their products? c) From a consumer persuasion perspective, how might a YouTube star or channel's endorsement of a toy have a different impact vs. a toy based on a movie theme or other character? Toy Industry Looks to YouTube Talent for Next Generation of Merchandise YouTube stars such as Stevin “Blippi” John draw retailers’ interest as children seek products based on what they watch online “Blippi" creator Stevin John holds a "surprise box" toy. PHOTO: JAZWARES INC. By Sahil Patel Feb. 24, 2020 4:58 pm ET Children used to want toys based on their favorite movies and TV shows, whether it was “Star Wars,” “My Little Pony” or “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Those remain in demand—witness the interest in the so-called Baby Yoda character from the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian,” or anything from “Frozen II”—but more recently, kids have also been seeking out toys and other merchandise based on their favorite YouTube stars and channels. That has manufacturers and retailers working with new kinds of companies on toys and playthings to sell. Jazwares LLC, which makes toys and other consumer products based on licensed properties such as “Fortnite” and “Peppa Pig,” will release merchandise based on three YouTube properties in 2020: Blippi, a preschool education-andentertainment character with more than 21 million subscribers on the video platform; toy-unboxing and reviews channel CKN Toys, which has 14.7 million subscribers; and Cocomelon, a channel known for nursery rhymes, which has 74 million subscribers. For Blippi, Jazwares has created a line of items that include a “My Buddy Blippi” plush toy featuring 15 of the character’s sounds and phrases, toy vehicles and “surprise boxes” aimed at helping children count or learn colors by putting accessories inside numbered or colored boxes. Other YouTube kids programmers that have struck new toy licensing deals include Moonbug Entertainment Ltd. and YouTube stars Collins and Devan Key. The deals come as the industry has gathered for Toy Fair New York, one of its biggest trade shows, which is taking place through Tuesday. The toy industry’s growing interest in online talent is based on the fact that YouTube is where many kids are going to watch videos, said Laura Zebersky, chief commercial officer of Jazwares. “The world has changed and you will see properties ranging from ‘Fortnite’ to influencers on YouTube who are leading and competing against movies and TV shows on a day-to-day basis,” she said. Stars on YouTube, a unit of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, are also proving capable of getting fans to go beyond watching videos and actually purchase items—or get their parents to do so. Revenue for the Blippi brand, excluding YouTube ad revenue, is projected to hit $30 million in 2020, according to people familiar with the matter. That spans toys, apparel, books and other sources of revenue outside of YouTube advertising. Before the deal with Jazwares, Stevin John, the creator and performer behind Blippi, was already selling merchandise directly on his website, a business that was bringing in low-seven figures in annual revenue, he said. “A lot of people in the toy industry are looking at YouTube brands to see if they’re going to be the new thing,” Mr. John said. “It was nice for me that I had already decided to do merch on Blippi.com. I was able to show that there are people out there who are purchasing these things.” Based on early sales, Blippi is on track to be Jazwares’ largest new preschool launch of the year, the company said, though it declined to provide exact figures. Jazwares’ Blippi items include figures, plush toys and vehicles priced from $3.99 to $19.99. The items were released through Walmart Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. in the U.S. in early January, as well as through other retailers in the U.K. A Walmart spokeswoman said Blippi toys are popular, but she declined to provide sales figures. A test of Blippi products on Amazon at the end of last year sold thousands of units in days, Ms. Zebersky said. The North Star for many in the toy industry isRyan Kaji, the 8-year-old performer at the center of the “Ryan’s World” YouTube channel, which has more than 24 million subscribers. Retail sales for Ryan-branded products hit $200 million in 2019, according to pocket.watch, a studio that represents Ryan. The channel has also led to a TV series with ViacomCBS Inc.’s Nickelodeon. “Three years ago, we might not have even considered [YouTube stars],” said Anne Marie Kehoe, vice president of toys at Walmart. “Now, based on the success of Ryan and understanding what kids are coming in for, we’re committing space to putting [Blippi and other YouTube-based toys] in stores.” For YouTube stars, toys and other consumer products offer an opportunity to make money that goes beyond advertising. Top YouTube channels are striking toy and merchandising deals on terms in the middle of the pack for the industry, according to a person familiar with such deals. Advances on toys and merchandising deals can range between $50,000 and $1 million, with guarantees as high as $250,000 to $3 million, the person said. Royalties are usually 10% to 20% of sales, this person said. The toy industry itself had a down year in 2019, with U.S. retail sales of toys hitting $20.9 billion, a decline from $21.8 billion in 2018, according to market research firm the NPD Group. Some of that 4% drop can be attributed to the length of last year’s holiday-shopping season, which had six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, said Jackie Breyer, group publisher of publications The Toy Book, The Toy Insider and The Pop Insider. Other factors include Toys “R” Us Inc. going out of business: The retail toy giant filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and shuttered its stores the following year. The company’s closure affected toy sales, Ms. Breyer said. “Not all of the sales have shifted to other retailers, completely,” she said. https://www.wsj.com/articles/toy-industry-looks-to-youtube-talent-for-next-generation-of-merchandise-11582581521 Social Media Part 4 Who are Influencers? • People who carry influence over others • Influencers have the ability to persuade your purchase decisions or how you feel about a product • Social media influencers exert their influence through social media What is Influencer Marketing? • Using influencers to promote a brand message, product or service to their larger market Why use influencer marketing? • Increased exposure • Brand awareness • Improved search ranking • More credibility • Effectively reach targets • Leads and conversions What makes a good influencer? • Reach • Quantity of people to whom an influencer is able to deliver a message • Credibility • Level of trust given by followers based on the perceived knowledge or expertise of the infuencer What makes a good influencer? • Authenticity • Does the influencer seem to sincerely believe in brands • Engaging • Does the influencer interact with followers? • Activity • How often the influencers post content How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy • Establish goals • Determine who you want to influence and which social media channels they interact with • Identify potential influencers that your target market will trust How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy • Track what potential influencers are saying on social media before you contact them • Reach out to influencers to discuss benefits which may include financial compensation, free products, sponsorship, and exposure How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy • Figure out how to incorporate your influencers into your social media strategy • Implement and measure strategy – can hire an agency - https://izea.com/ How can you measure ROI? It depends on your goal • Visibility • # of new potential customers who became aware of your brand • Engagement • Cost per engagement (CPE) – dollars spent per like, comment, share, video-view How can you measurer ROI? It depends on your goal • Content • Were you able to negotiate the image rights to an influencer’s content? • Revenue: • Assess revenue gained from affiliate links and promo codes • Use Google Analytics to track sales from inlfuencer blogs and social media Dyson Vacuums Used Pet Influencers Hilton Hotels uses travel bloggers Away Luggage used Stylish Influencers to promote their luggage EOS used beauty bloggers to promote an influencer developed product line Article - Toy Industry Looks to YouTube Talent for Next Generation of Merchandise • How have toy companies traditionally promoted their products? • For what reasons (describe at least two) are some toy companies using YouTube stars and channels to promote their products? • From a consumer persuasion perspective, how might a YouTube star or channel's endorsement of a toy have a different impact vs. a toy based on a movie theme or other character? ...
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