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Choose one of the 3 scenarios listed below and write 10 pages that briefly describes the incident.

You may select one of the topics for your paper:

  • A community of approximately 10,000 has been exposed to an unknown virus. It appears to be spread by contact. At present, only a small portion of the population is affected. Government leaders and health officials are contemplating community containment. Discuss how you, as the logistic chief, would supply and support emergency operations, what agencies would you seek support from, and establish points of distribution.
  • Severe storms have ravaged your rural community of 10,000. Fortunately, there are few deaths but many are displaced. Being rural, access to the community is limited and made worse by the storms. Discuss your immediate actions post-incident, and present a plan for short term sustainment of operations and support to population. If a logistics pre-plan would be beneficial, include that in your discussion.
  • Your rural community of 10,000 main employer- a large agricultural chemical processing plant- is struck by a large fire. Due to the nature of the chemicals, the fire may last for days. Emergency Management has decided to tell citizens to shelter in place versus to evacuate. The incident has drawn responders from a large area, and most arrive ill equipped for a sustained operation. Further complicating the issue is water runoff from fire suppression into the town’s only source of water. Discuss how you would support both the citizens and the providers while being aware of sheltering, along with limited movement because of the fire. Do not be concerned about the potential exposure- focus on the logistic support.

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Pandemic management logistics
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As logistics chief it will means that I will be mandated with overseeing supply of support
emergency operations in the affected community. United Nations (UN), Center for Disease and
Control (CDC), and World Health Organizations are the key international organizations I would
seek assistance on the pandemic in the community. Additionally, I would seek assistance from
healthcare professionals from all over the world to volunteer in managing the disease.
My primary role as the logistics chief is coordinating the supply of support emergency
activities in the affected regions. There is a high likelihood that ventilators, anti-viral drugs as
well as non-pharmaceutical involvement, will soon take over the public health response in
emergencies considering the inadequacy of vaccines. The Disease Containment Implementation
Branch is responsible for the implementation of strategies effective in controlling the spread of
infectious ailments. The firm also uses the available information to identify the most suitable
approaches in tackling the disease or the situation at hand. Additionally, the organization also
offers recommendations regarding the techniques used to contain such conditions. Moreover, the
agency also issues guidelines on disease containment strategies for implementation by the
medical community and the public in general.

The medical industry should also employ more health workers, considering the limited
countermeasures. It should also transition from the relatively ineffective approaches such as
observing hygiene and assessing the diseases to more practical methods such as imposing travel
restrictions, isolating suspected cases, quarantine, and social distancing. Although there are
various supporting facts as to how these methods are effective, there is limited evidence to
confirm this. The public can only remain hopeful that public health interventions will at least
slow down the spread of the virus as it is almost impossible to cease the transmission entirely.
Public health countermeasures will not only reduce the spread of the ailment but will also enable



the industry to develop medical approaches while reducing the insurgency of patients.
Nevertheless, each strategy raises a series of concerns over ethics and human rights.

Surveillance is the most crucial aspect of public health. The sector not only keeps the
public informed but also provided the necessary data for the understanding of the pandemic
(Cárdenas, 2018). Besides, it issues warnings to people in high-risk areas, provides information
on the distinguishing characteristics of the disease as well as its occurrence. Moreover, it assists
the medical industry in obtaining the desired feedback. Some of the surveillance techniques
include reporting, managing cases, screening programs, quick diagnosis, and tracking trends.

It is quite apparent that surveillance is essential in the quick rapid intervention and
response to the epidemic. According to the revised International Health Regulations, member
states must notify the World Health Organization of any public health emergency that may be a
matter of global concern. As a result, a country that discovers any cases suggesting transmissions
between people, they should commence investigations immediately. They should then inform the
WHO about the incidents. Surveillance, therefore, plays a crucial role in early interventions,
especially for a forming pandemic.

However, surveillance poses risks to the privacy of some vulnerable populations such as
patients, migrants, travelers since the government collects sensitive health data from them.
According to the IHR, the states must ensure confidential and anonymous data processing based
on national law guidelines (Cárdenas, 2018). Nevertheless, the immediate disclosure of personal
information may be inevitable. In such circumstances, where the information may assist in a
health matter, the information may be revealed. However, such countries need to ensure that the
victim's identity is hidden.



A violation of a person’s privacy rights may not only harm the economy through
unemployment and loss of housing and insurance, but it may also affect the victim socially and
psychologically. Thus the government should avoid giving names, valid identification numbers,
or phone numbers or releasing information beyond the public health system. The encryption and
anonymity of cases are significant where necessary. In every circumstance, personal autonomy,
and privacy rights, the public health system must ensure that it reveals as minimal information as
required and should only be shared among the relevant people. It is vital to uphold the dignity
and respect for the victim.
The screening and testing process may infringe upon a person’s privacy rights and
integrity. The individual must independently consent before undergoing any medical
examinations. Education schemes may be quite useful in persuading the affected persons to take
the tests voluntaril...

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