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Portrayal of Northeast India in Media Underrepresentation & Misinterpretation Discussion

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Answer the following questions. Make sure the paper is in APA format but the questions are labelled by letter and number

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A) Provide an example of some form of misrepresentation in media over the years (includes: staging news, re-creations, selective editing and fictional methods). Give some background for context and answer; why, in your opinion is this an example of misrepresentation and why is it egregious? Provide the link to the example. Additionally for the Week 8 discussion, consider media bias. Both conservative and liberal sides claim that there is media bias (to the other side of their beliefs) yet, it is evident that there is bias on both sides. It is no secret that the traditional views of the following 3 media outlets are as follows: Fox News--Conservative/Right, MSNBC--Liberal/Left, CNN--Moderate. B) Track a relatively current news story and report to the class the way the 3 media outlets presented the story. Were there surprises to you in your findings? C) Also pick one additional media outlet of your choice (perhaps NPR, or BBC) and look at their perspective of the same story. 1. What device do you most often use for your favorite program watching or other chosen media? Do you agree that you favor the device that gives you access to the information and programming that most meets your needs? 2. How does the program meet your specific needs and goals? Who else do you know that also seeks out this programming (movie, tv, radio show, game) and do they do so for the same reasons as you? Why are their uses of this programming similar or different from your own? 3. What does this program or other media tell you about your place in the world in relation to how much access you have to things you want in the "real" world? When you are stressed out, do you turn to this programming more or less? Why? 4. What does this programming tell you about people who are different from you in terms of race, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs, socio-economic status, gender, religion or nationality? Are they portrayed in a positive or negative light? What kinds of power do they have? ...
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Media Misinterpretation



Media misinterpretation
Part A
Media misinterpretation is a common thing in the modern-day community that comes
from the use of means of providing information that differs from the expectations of the audience
(Chongoloi, 2017). Several factors may contribute to misinterpretation in the media. Selective
editing is one of the most critical areas involving the misunderstanding, and that may result in
the information offered by the media. Selective editing involves providing a piece of relatively
sensitive information to a targeted community. The form of misinterpretation is egregious in that
it may cause the people in the targeted population to show disunity that may be propelled by the
media. In one of the recent cases uninvolving this issue, the press accused Rubio of engaging in
selective editing. In the previous action by Rubio for posting a video regarding the Ilhan Omar
interview, the media interpreted it as selective editing. Link to the case
Part B
President Trump offered his suggestion regarding the issue regarding migrants and
suggested an approach that will assist in reducing the high number of illegal immigration.
According to the fox news, president Trump asked that the migrants should be shot at their legs
in the case they attempted to throw rocks to the immigration agents. The media platform also
reported that Trump wanted the creation of a trench that will incorporate deadly reptiles.
The other media platform to report regarding the issue regarding immigration and
President's Trump decision towards the management of the problem is the MSNBC which state



that the President has not shown any signs of coming up with a decision regarding the matter.
The article says that the President argued in support of the efforts of the legal immigrants
towards economic stability. However, according to the article, the President said that they have
to enter the nation lawfully.
CNN also reported the matter and reported that President Trump suggested that
immigrants needs to be shot at the legs. In this article, the media states that the President offered

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