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There are three videos. Preview each and read the letter from Blackrock CEO, Larry Fink. (Click on the link below.)

Sustainability efforts present an opportunity to tap new sources of capital and innovation.

Sustainable investing has moved to center stage in early 2020. In his latest letter to CEOs Blackrock CEO Larry Fink writes that sustainability, which involves integrating environmental and social concerns into business decisions, would be at the center of his firm’s investment approach. He also foresees an imminent and “fundamental reshaping of finance” that would better recognize the jeopardy to investment posed by climate risk and lead to “a significant reallocation of capital.”

Write a two page, single space reflection on the what the skills and knowledge you have have to sustain his predictions and the behavior you need to inspire to create a valid reason why his prediction is worth addressing.

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RUNNING HEAD: Sustainability

Organizational sustainability

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RUNNING HEAD: Sustainability
Knowledge and skills required to attain sustainability
The letter from Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, to other CEOs encourages them to
consider incorporating sustainability into their organizational policies. To attain sustainability,
every organization needs to make sure that its employees and other major stakeholder possess a
certain set of skills. The following are the knowledge and major skills that are required by
individuals in different corporations to help the attain sustainability in both the professional and
personal world:
1. Problem-solving skills (UNESCO, 2012). This skill will be very helpful especially if a
company is trying to come up with new measures or improve on existing ones to help
attain sustainability in all three major aspects; environmental, social, and economic
(Explainity Channel, 2012). Employees, the management, and the stakeholders all need
to possess this skill so they can brainstorm and come up with great ideas on how to make
their organizational operation sustainable.
2. Skills for sustainable production (UNESCO, 2012). These are skills that are highly
likely going to be acquired from the different training and educational programs that will
be organized by the organization. Transforming an organization into a sustainable one
takes a lot of time, effort, as well as skills on the employees’ part.
3. Entrepreneurial education (UNESCO, 2012). Every organization or business is built on
specific entrepreneurial...

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