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Describe your strategy to cultivate resilience and ensure sustainability in todays complex marketplace. Respond to at least 3 of the questions listed in Mentalligence (page 240) on sustainability (check). Be sure to comment on which behavioral changes you will make to resist pressure to take on roles or duties that threaten your well-being.

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RUNNING HEAD: Session 16 worksheet

Rethinking work

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RUNNING HEAD: Session 16 worksheet
Part 1: Remaining resilience and sustainability
Nothing is constant in the world. Over time, companies demand more and more
qualifications from individuals who wish to be part of their community. The following are some
of the strategies that I will employ to remain resilient and sustainable in the complex and
competitive market today:
1. Constantly improving my knowledge and skills. I will do this by taking part in training
and attending relevant seminars that will help me be more competent in my area of
expertise. I will also make sure that I com...

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