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March 29, 2020

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Business Ethics and Environmental Protection
Business ethics has proven to be a vital aspect in society as it aids in ensuring that the
actions taken and decisions made by businesses have the potential of creating a positive impact
on society. Business ethics are put in place to ensure that the trust of the society is not misused
by businesses (Toppr, n.d). Having businesses bound by business ethics ensures reliability, no
compromise of quality, companies engaging in responsible actions and fulfillment of the
commitments given.
Role of Business in Environmental Protection
One key aspect of business ethics is environmental protection, also known as
environmental ethics. Throughout history, bad choices have been made by people that have
contributed to the pollution of the environment, contamination of water resources, and the
destruction of forests. One practice that is a key contributor to environmental pollution is the use
of fossil fuels. It was towards the end of the 20th century that people started becoming aware of
the damage done on the environment and this led to the enactment of regulations that required
businesses to conserve the natural resources (Oster, n.d). People now engage in environmentalfriendly lifestyles and businesses have also chosen to go green as a way of conserving the
environment and meet the demands of the consumers.
Each individual, from an average person to a business owner, should focus his/her
attention on the protection of the environment. In a business scenario, environmental ethics looks
at a business’s responsibility in protecting the environment it operates in. It is widely known that
numerous businesses tend to engage in practices that are harmful to the environment. For
instance, numerous manufacturing plants tend to exploit natural resources from the earth while

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disposing of toxic waste in an irresponsible manner (Oster, n.d). Environmental pollution has
been linked to a series of negative effects such as global warming, death of land and marine
animals, the spread of diseases, and desertification among other aspects. Therefore, businesses
should not only focus on their finances alone but also the effects their operations have on the
Companies should take lead in addressing environmental issues. They are tasked with
ensuring that they monitor the consequences of their operations and that the environmental
resources are protected. Progressive corporate executives see the m...

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