RMU Experiences and Identity Play Role in Development of Our social DNA Essay

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(I need journal) For this week's journal, read and reflect over the Discussion Board responses from your peers regarding their identity descriptions. As stated in our text, our identity makes up our social DNA, and it is imperative that humankind understand themselves as well as others, and what is of value to one another. According behavioral scientists, this understanding of ourselves and our identities, as well as that of others, act as a preventive measure for stereotyping (even if inadvertent) and ethnocentrism. Therefore, write a one paragraph summary (no less than 150 words -see rubric) your reflections on what you gained from learning about your fellow classmates and their identities that you may not have realized until we studied this chapter. In addition, briefly tell me in your words, why it is important to understand ourselves as well as others.

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