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UNH Climate Change & Society Consequences of Increasing Atmospheric CO2 Discussion

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An individual observation paper is a 3-4 page paper that uses a course concept to analyze an instance of communication about an environmental issue.Your analysis should include (1) a brief description of the communicative text, event, or action in its original context (e.g., What it is? Who enacted it? Where did you encounter it? When did it happen?); (2) a clear exposition of the concept or concepts that you are using to guide your analysis, making direct quotation from relevant sources in support; (3) your analysis of the communication in terms of how well your selected concept or concepts disclose the communication’s influence (or failure to influence) those who become audience to it or those involved with it (including you if relevant); and (4) your conclusions about what you learned about environmental communication from the analysis. If possible, provide a copy of the communication.

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Environmental Communication




Environmental Communication
The communication action is a speech read by Jason Momoa meant to persuade world
leaders to take action on climate change. The speech, which was delivered at the UN in New
York, covers the need for countries around the world to unite in a bid to protect the environment.
It focused on a subject affecting nations around the world. Jason Momoa’s speech on climate
change to the United Nations is considered as one of the most significant climate change
speeches that will live to be remembered. Momoa, who is known for his famous role as
Aquaman, in his speech talks about the issues that the Island nations are facing as a consequence
of increased ocean dumping, warming of the oceans and rising sea levels. The speech happened
on 27th September 2019 at a small island event held by the UN. I encountered the speech while
going through some of the climate change speeches made during UN meetings on YouTube.
In this speech, the speaker appeals to the audience through various rhetorical devices. As
a way to capture the audience's attention, the speaker uses guilt to appeal to emotions, which is
an essential tool when looking to gain a wider audience and further increase their emotional
appeal to the topic. In an appeal to emotions via guilt, the speaker reminds the audience about the
agreements reached in Paris by world leaders regarding efforts that will be put to deal with

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