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Getting started with this assignment. Watch this video: (Links to an external site.)

  • This assignment is updated. It no longer requires interviews or a presentation. This assignment is just Part 1 of the original assignment.
  • Your next assignment is a persuasive paper - problem, cause and solution. You will pick a topic based on the themes we identified from our reading of Why Noah Went to the Woods (Links to an external site.). This assignment has 1 part: Research a problem, cause, solution and turn it in as a paper.

Part 1 - The Paper

  1. Identify and research your chosen problem using reputable and clearly understood news sites or magazine sources found online.
  2. You will need 3 sources that explain and confirm your problem. Keep track of these citations.
  3. Identify 2 causes to your problem and find 2 sources (2 sources for each cause so 4 in total) that explain and confirm your identified causes.
  4. Develop 2 solutions (1 for each cause) and explain how you believe each solution solves each cause and thus the problem.
  5. Type up all of your information and turn it in for Part 1 of this assignment.
  6. This is what your PCS paper should look like. Follow this template.
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Why Noah went to the Woods Reading through the article about the missing of Noah Pipping, there is host of twists and turns that makes the story and life of the retired Marine a complicated one. Apparently, there are a number of challenges facing Noah and that he has to deal with in one way or the other. Some are within his control while others are outside his scope. One of the challenges I think Noah is dealing with is the fact that he was born with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a condition that he has lived with throughout his life right from childhood. The condition is the cause of his hyperactivity, which somehow surprises those close to him. Also, the condition makes him seem self-absorbed in the manner his approaches life with little concern for others. Somehow, this explains his troubled relationship. The second challenge for Noah is finding peace of mind after a bad decision-making. After failing to report for a drill, and living with the reality that for the first time he had broken the rule, Noah became self-critical and with lots of regrets for having turned a defective (Sundeen, 2012). Unfortunately, he had to live with the challenge of making life and death decisions on his own without the guidance of his parents or those who loved him. Thirdly, I think based on Pierce’s account about Noah; the Marine had the challenge of finances, which had pushed him into the National Guard but with his poor saving culture, he had little left to spend and could not entertain the thought of redeploying again to Iraq or Afghanistan after all the bad experiences he had there (Sundeen, 2012). Lastly, another challenge I think Noah is dealing with is a feeling of not being understood by those close to him, even his own parents. For that reason, he pays little attention to other people’s lives and shares little about himself to the world. Hence, most of the times, he has to live by himself, selfabsorbed and not reaching out to others, a situation that is compounded by post-traumatic stress disorder from his involvement in the Iraq’s war. Apparently, some of the above problems and his reaction to them are within Noah’s own control while others are outside his control. First, I think the problem of living with ADHD that has progressed into his adulthood is something that his outside his control. Most of the challenges he faces about how people perceive him are beyond his control because the irregular and irrational behaviors are as a result of the ADHD condition that he was born with. The probable challenge of having post-traumatic stress disorder with mental health issues is something that his outside Noah’ control. I think the LAPD officer had the control over Noah’s mental and physical health situation by helping him but chose to ignore. With the pressure to fend for himself, Noah had little control over the challenge of living with unending mental health issues because of his strong code of honor. However, I think Noah had control over his financial problem. He never put in the effort of saving but rather indulged in buying expensive possessions that left him struggling his whole life. I also think Noah had control over his thoughts because he planted a seed of doubt and mistrust in people that cost him his relationship with others. He never sought to change his mindset about how people viewed him and perhaps try to open up to them for help. However, he sought self-absorption and saw no need in trusting other people despite the effort by those who loved him in trying to help. It actually goes that it is difficult to help a person who does not want to be helped. For this reason, I think it was within Noah’s own control to accept that he needed help by opening up, especially something to do with his financial struggles. Lastly, taking a step back, I think this world; our society has potentially made Noah’s problems and situation worse. To start with, I think there is little information on how to live with persons with ADHD and support them. People rarely take time to understand ADHD persons better, and offer the necessary support. Most of them will distance themselves for persons who are self-absorbed, and few friends take the sacrifice of checking someone who rarely keeps in touch. In most cases, if one sinks into his or her hole, few people take their time to check what could be ailing them, and thus pushing these people deep into depression. Most importantly, few people appreciate and care about the efforts and sacrifice of the veterans, and some even mock the retiring Marines, something that pushes them into deep depression instead of lifting them from it. Reference Sundeen, M. (2012). Why Noah Went to the Woods. Outside. Retrieved from ...
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
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Background of ADHD
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD, is not merely
a medical problem for children alone. ADHD may begin showing symptoms in an individual
when they are young, but it has the possibility of following through to adolescent and even adult
life. This is so because, in as much as the symptoms may show evidence of decrease as a child
gets from childhood to adolescents and later adulthood stages, the effects of this disorder still
follow in some cases (Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): The basics). These
effects include poor control of impulse, disorganization, and challenges of lack of attention.
Some of the warning signs of ADHD include the act of being overactive and taking actions
without giving them a thought.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is reportedly the most diagnosed mental illness for
young kids. The mental disorder is also said to be more common in the made children and as
compared to the female children. ADHD is mostly discovered when the children start schooling
because that is mostly the time adults can identify the lack of attention in a child in school (What
is ADHD? 2008). In adults, the effe...

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