The United States Building and Construction Industry Paper



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Select a construction trade.

•Search the BLS, OSHA, and CPWR websites to find out everything you can about the employment and safety issues related to that trade over the last 5-10 years.

•NAISC code, employment, labor composition

•Fatal and non fatal incidents and rates over the last 5-10 years.

• (a) for the US and (b) for California

•Main causes of fatal and non fatal incidents.

•Ergonomic injuries and Muscoloskeletal disorders

•Key safety issues and challenges for the trade.

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Construction Trade
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The United States Building and Construction Industry
The advancement in technology has enhanced efficiency in construction sites where
governmental and private industries have incorporated innovation into their systems. However,
safety at various construction sites had been significant concerns by the U.S. government since
there have been reports of incidents and accidents mainly caused by human error. Organizational
leaders ought to be concerned with the safety at their institutions, and since the construction
industry is complex, various departments should focus on highlighting measures to enhance
safety within the working premises. The culture in an organization is supposed to ensure that
employees and stakeholders are keen in observing safety precautions provided. Workshops and
seminars are to be held for team leaders to acquire essential knowledge in safety requirements
and regulations at construction sites so that they can educate other team members. The
monitoring of safety objectives is to be done at all levels in the institution, and top managers are
to be held accountable in case an incident is recorded. The paper analyzes the safety issues, fatal
and non-fatal events, musculoskeletal disorders, and ergonomic injuries surrounding the building
and construction industry in the United States.
The U.S. Building Construction Overview
The United States construction industry has contributed to the growth of its economy for
many years. It is the largest in the world, and its annual expenditure amounts to over $ 1,231
billion. There are numerous construction companies in the country which are estimated to be
worth $10trillion, which they spend in the purchase of commodities and services. These
companies also employ over 10 million individuals hence contributing to the government’s
efforts in providing jobs for its citizens. However, there are various roadblocks faced by the
companies as they focus on maintaining efficient operations. The operational challenges faced
include labor shortage and efforts to improving the employee’s safety. Other problems are the
increase in interest rates, which affect the country’s economy (Williams, Hamid, & Misnan,
The main challenges facing the industry are likely to affect construction companies,
which aim at generating a profit and maintaining a steady workforce. The problems may also
bring in competition as companies strive to complete their various projects. Some of these
challenges ...

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