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Item 1

  • Select a research topic of interest to you in industrial organizational psychology.
  • Once you have selected a topic of interest, search a Library and/or on the Internet and locate (2) current peer-reviewed journal articles that would support your topic selection.

Address the following in your Item 1 written response: (2–3 paragraphs)

  • Describe the research topic that you have selected in your industrial organizational psychology
  • Describe how information in 2 current, peer-reviewed journal articles support your topic selection.

Item 2

Based on the topic that you selected in Item #1, address the following in your Item 2 written response: (3–4 paragraphs)

  • Explain a specific problem that you plan to focus on, within the topic that you described in Item 1.
  • Explain why you selected this problem and why it is important to industrial organizational psychology. Be specific and justify your response based on the peer-reviewed articles that you previously selected, or from additional academic literature found in the Library.
  • In one paragraph, concisely create the problem statement for your Capstone project by describing the nature of the problem. Remember to support your problem statement with information cited from peer-reviewed articles.

Item 3

Address the following in your Item 3 written response: (6–8 paragraphs)

  • Critically evaluate and select from the Walden Library 12–14 articles relevant to the problem that you identified in Item 2 and of which at least 8 must be peer-reviewed journal articles. About 80% of your articles need to be current, or from the past 5 years. For each article provide the reference (complete APA format) and indicate whether it is peer reviewed,
  • Explain the main ideas and themes of each article.
  • Explain why each article is relevant to the Capstone problem.

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Sex-Based Harassment at Work
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Sex-Based Harassment at Work
Item 1
Sexual harassment has been an imminent but ignored issue both in society and in
workplaces. Fundamentally, it encompasses all the unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for
favors, and physical or verbal or non-verbal conducts of sexual nature. The issue is often
intimidating, offensive and/or embarrassing, and it seems to affect women more than it does
men. Noteworthy, awareness has substantially increased over the last few years especially after
the emergence of the #MeToo movement. Looking at the workplace situation, sex-based
harassment is a common phenomenon that often has devastating impacts on victims and firms.
Individual effects span from psychological issues to economic and work-related issues. On the
other hand, organizations stand to lose crucial aspects including employee job satisfaction,
commitment, and productivity following the effects of sexual harassment.
In their article titled “The Economic and Career Effects of Sexual Harassment on
Working Women,” McLaughlin and her colleagues look at how sexual harassment impacts on
women’s economic and career lives. The authors acknowledge that working women must endure
sexual harassment at some points in their careers, and while some choose to report such issues,
others opt to quit the jobs in the attempts of escaping the toxic work environments (McLaughlin
et al., 2017). The content offered by the authors is focused on dissecting the issue of sexual
harassment as experienced by women, and that largely supports the selected topic.
On the other hand, an article by Keplinger and her colleagues focuses on how sexual
harassment changed between the years 2016-2018. The authors affirm that sexual harassment
awareness increased globally during the period, leading to the emergence of different movements
that bring women together (Keplinger et al., 2019). This paper supports the selected topic sin...

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