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Choose two issues or challenges that the leaders of today's health care organizations face. Select from among the following topics:

  1. Staff Shortage (Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Providers, Ancillary Services)
  2. Reorganization in Response to Merger or Consolidation of Services
  3. Layoffs as a Result of Declining Revenues
  4. Influx of Registry, Part-Time, and Temporary Contract Staff
  5. Poor Performance Outcomes Leading to a Reduction in Medicare Reimbursement Dollars
  6. Poor Job Satisfaction Rates Resulting in Turnover

You are the manager of an ancillary service department at a large, 500+ bed hospital. Develop a proposal (750-1,200 words) that is directed toward your staff, in which you address the following:

  1. Inform the staff of the two issues (from the topics provided) your organization is facing.
  2. Describe the impact of these issues on your department.
  3. Describe how improved communication, collaboration, and teamwork can improve conditions in your department.
  4. Identify at least two examples from the required or recommended readings of techniques found to foster inclusion and improve communication and collaboration.
  5. A minimum of three academic references from credible sources are required for this assignment.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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Leadership Challenges
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Leadership Challenges

Modern healthcare professionals have the challenge of stepping up to take leadership
positions. A typical healthcare organization has inherent leadership challenges, which create the
need for specialized training for the leaders. The leadership of healthcare faces the challenges of
shortage of staff and poor job satisfaction.
Challenges that the Organization is Facing
The global healthcare industry has an acute shortage of qualified and skilled workers
(Figueroa et al., 2019). This challenge is exceedingly common in nurses, pharmacists,
technicians, and nursing assistants. The rate of graduation for healthcare students is not meeting
the demand that has been on a constant rise. An increase in the living standards of people is
translating to higher life expectancy. The result is an increase in the population of elderly who
have high health demands (Figueroa et al., 2019). Changes in the lifestyles of the people and
behaviors such as lack of exercise and substance abuse are further stretching the demand for
healthcare staff in the organization. The shortage impacts the performance of the organization
also because of the competitive labor market, which creates the need for attracting and retaining
qualified staff.
Lack of job satisfaction is another challenge that the organization is facing. ...

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