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Prompt: Building upon your rhetorical analysis skills, add framing analysis and website evaluation to investigate two websites. This is more of an analytical journal project than it is a formal writing assignment. Document your analysis in a journal format, and compose the short writing tasks as would be appropriate for the particular writing situation.

Choose any of

Contemporary social/political activist movement (e.g., an equality-related issue, animal rights, food movement, etc.). Conduct a website evaluation and framing analysis of two websites related to your selected issue. your choice.

1. Modify your Project 3 proposal to serve as an introduction to your analysis.

2. Provide a synthesized definition of framing analysis and how to do it, using Lakoff, Ryan & Gamson, and Entman. Be sure to clearly describe steps to do a framing analysis, as this will guide the analysis you do for each website.

3. Perform, document, and reflect a thoughtful framing analysis and evaluation of your selected websites (two paragraphs for each website).  Framing analysis should be based on your synthesized definition in step 2 above. Be sure to clearly identify the apparent purpose and audience of each website, as well as any logical fallacies you identify.  Website evaluation should be based on categories in Web Evaluation Criteria handout and Evaluating Web Sources activity.

4. Comparison/synthesis/commentary (one to two paragraphs): Do a comparison of your two websites, based on your analysis and evaluation in task 3, commenting on the relative usefulness and strength of each website. Discuss which website you trust the most and which one seems most useful for your purpose, and explain why.

5. provide the two websites and cite them in MLA format

6. Write 3-4 pages.

In a seperate pargraph:

Write one paragraph (this implies multiple sentences!) in which you: • Clearly explain which option you are selecting from the choices on the Project 3 prompt (social issue website, job/career, internship, grad school, law school, future career goal, some other real world project).

• Explain why your topic is of particular interest or importance to you.

• Identify the two websites you want to analyze, and explain why each one is relevant to the option/topic identified above

This paragraph is related to the project just provide the inforamtion seperate in one paragrapj.

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Informed Argument
The idea of framing in social science is to embark on both the conceptual and theoretical
viewpoints of how groups, society, and persons can understand and discourse about different
elements of realism. It entails social, mass media, and political movements in the societal
creation of absolute prodigy of social settings. Consequently, there are two essential viewpoints
to perceive framing, positive and negative scopes. To view framing in these two viewpoints, it
will rely on the type of information and the audience.
Framing analysis is described as a multi-disciplinary research methodology in social
science employed to evaluate how people comprehend activities and situations. Framing analysis
assesses messages, actors, metaphors, stereotypes, images, and others. It estimates how relevant
these elements are and the manner in which these factors selected and when they are chosen.
Framing analysis is done in connection to news media. Nevertheless, framing is unavoidable
since anyone does it. It can hasten the interpretation process as well as presenting and writing the
news. The frame analysis can be conducted by the use of different approaches and mode...

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