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Op-Ed this Thursday: Fiscal Stimulus. As I noted last week, you will have another chance to complete one of your required two op-ed grades this week by answering the question: "what do you think the federal government should do, if anything, in terms of fiscal stimulus to respond to the Coronavirus's negative impact on the economy?"

Here are some articles you can read to inform yourself of the debate on this topic: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

The same rules will apply in terms of length and format. Write a 700-800 word Op-Ed taking a side on this issue. Please make sure it is double spaced, includes your name on the top-left corner, is properly cited using APA format (ideally you should have 3-5 references; they can include news articles, research papers, books, etc.), and draws from sound economic arguments. Since we will not be meeting as a class you MUST upload a copy of this to the Debate #5 (Fiscal Stimulus) assignment in Canvas in order to receive credit so that I can run it through the plagiarism scanner.

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Curbing the Economic Impacts of COVID-19
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Curbing the Economic Impacts of COVID-19
COVID-19 has caused other effects other than the deteriorating health and deaths that are
reported daily since the outbreak. One of the consequences of the pandemic is the economic
effect it has on all affected nations and their governments. The United States is one of the nations
that have been affected greatly by the diseases after China, Italy, and Spain. The disease has
forced an economic lockdown, with workers being advised and sometimes forced to selfquarantine. The disease has crippled international trade between The US and other nations as
flights and ships have been stopped from leaving or entering into the US with a few exceptions
of critical imports and exports. The nation has also spent a huge amount to fight the spread and
save the infected population through the improvement of healthcare and mass production of
resources needed including additional facilities, ventilators, protective...

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