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Write a paper in which you discuss information security issues faced by organizations and describe in detail a minimum of five specific threats to information assets.

The requirements for the assignment are as follows:
* The paper should include a minimum of five peer-reviewed scholarly references published since 2015

* Citations and references should be in APA format

* The paper should be a minimum of 2000 words

* No Plagiarism Please

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Threats to Information Security
Technology has become an integral part of organizations today. More and more
organizations are embracing technology and using it in handling various forms of information
vital for their existence. There are certain threats that endanger the information used by
organizations to carry out organizational tasks thus making information security inevitable.
Information security is simply the practice or act of preventing unauthorized access,
modification, disruption and destruction of information in a given organization (Jeong, Lee &
Lim, 2019). All these processes described have the potential to affect the growth of an
organization. Information in this context simply means all the data that the organization uses to
operate for instance financial data, sales records, employee records and any other relevant
database crucial to the company (Jeong, Lee & Lim, 2019). Information security tends to exist
under certain principles which act as a guide for organizations to establish whether or not they
have the right precautions put in place to protect their information.
The basic principles of information security include confidentiality, integrity, and
availability (Jeong, Lee & Lim, 2019). Confidentiality simply means that the information in an
organization is only accessed by authorized parties. Normally, authorization is accorded to the
employees that work in the organization, the managing board and any other party the
organization deems relevant in its operations (Jeong, Lee & Lim, 2019). Integrity means that the
information provided by an organization is trustworthy and can be depended on for various tasks.
This entails matters concerned with accuracy of the data and how reliable it is in running an
organization. On availability, information possessed by a company should be within the reach of
the members working for the company (Jeong, Lee & Lim, 2019). This involves having the right
channels of communication being put in place and an accessible form of storage for the data. It is

through various threats that these principles are violated and an organizations left trying to
mitigate the losses incurred. These threats exist as malicious software, poor management of third
party entries, outdated security software, social engineering, and environmental threats.
Malicious software are simply programs designed to interfere with an already existing
system by altering it and causing grievous damages (Tuna et al., 2017). Malicious software exists
as viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, and ransomware. Malicious software has the capability of
impairing activities in an organization as they tend to spread very fast especially in weak
information systems (Akbanov, Vassilakis & Logothetis, 2019). For instance, spyware has the
ability to monitor activities going on in a device such as a computer or mobile phone. This
information is then used by competitors or people with malicious intent to weaken and prey on
the companyâ€...

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