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Week 12 Written Assignment – Instant Messaging in the Workplace

Instant messaging (IM) use in enterprises has proliferated – despite the fact that frequently proper policies, controls, and security measures are not in place to prevent e-document and data loss. There are a variety of threats to IM use that enterprises must defend against to keep their information assets secure.

For this assignment, write a 5-6 page academic paper that first identifies the threats to IM use that the enterprise must defend against to keep their information assets secure. Then, taking into account the best practices for IM use and current technologies available to monitor IM activity, identify the policies, controls, and security measures that you would put into place if you were implementing an IM program for an organization to keep information assets secure and to prevent e-document and data loss.

You must support your work with at least four credible sources. Two of the four must be academic, peer-reviewed sources.

You must use proper APA formatting, which includes a cover page, abstract, and reference page. There is an APA Guidance folder under the Content tab that contains excellent information and links for APA formatting guidelines to include a template that you can use as a go-by to get you started.

**Critical ** Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

You must also ensure that you properly, paraphrase, cite and reference your sources following proper APA guidelines.

I recommend you check your work using SafeAssign to ensure the work is your own original work. Papers over 29.9% similarity score in the content of the work are unacceptable and may not be accepted for credit with an academic integrity review sent to the University.

To avoid plagiarism, you must ensure that you do the following:

  • Use your own words, to include proper use of paraphrasing for all work that you submit.
  • If you choose to use another's words, you MUST place it within quotes and properly cite it and reference it.
  • Rule of thumb - 80% of the submission MUST be in your own original work. No more than 20% of the submission should be copied and pasted from another source and it must be properly quoted, cited, and referenced.

Understand, plagiarism is a serious offense that could lead to earning a 0 for the assignment, a 0 for the course, or expulsion from the University. Therefore, it is important that your work be your own work. I want to know what you have learned. I want to hear your voice!

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The phrase instant messaging in the field of computing, as put forth by different credible scholars,
means a type of technology that allows the sharing of messages online and over the internet
(Guerrero et al., 2019). Online messaging offers real-time exchange of texts between or among
parties. It happens when one party wants to share a thought with another, composing a text message
and clicking on the send button on the messaging platform. Many of the instant messaging
applications enablers transfer of push messages using the push technology on the internet to
enhance interruptible real-time communication. Messages are relayed in binary characters encoded
by the machines, and upon reaching their destinations, the user at the end decodes the message.
Many instant applications and platforms allow the transfer of file inform of e-documents, contains
hyperlinks such as text links, image links, hypermedia links, and transmission of voice over
internet protocol. Instant messaging also allows video chatting. Some applications available for
instant messaging are HipChat, Slack, Stride, Microsoft teams, Google hangout chat, Amazon
Chime, Skype for business, and Twist, among others. Some of the advantages of instant messaging
are; convenience in sending emergency information, allows real-time communication, and they
are cost effective. They have reduced spam, enhance team building, and finally, the messages can
be archived for future reference. Besides the advantages, there are also disadvantages attributed to
it, which include the likelihood of miscommunication of relevant information, prone to malware,
potential for misuse, and sometimes it is not easy to examine the emotions of the users.
Threats to instant messaging use
Instant messaging technology over the recent decade is indeed facing a lot of risks and much to
affect its credibility efficiency, and efficacy (Petrie, 2017). Some of these threats are easy to



mitigate, while others pose significant challenges in the quest to address them. To begin with the
instant messaging faces a problem of being prone to viruses and worms. Malicious software
designed by hackers spread rampantly over th...

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