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  • The paper should be a minimum of 7 pages in length not including the title page, footnotes, or bibliography. Papers that are less than seven full pages will be considered incomplete and graded accordingly. Papers should be double-spaced, use standard 1-inch side, top and bottom margins with a 12 point font. Pages should be numbered.
  • The final paper must include a minimum of seven sources including at least three primary sources and two articles from scholarly journals. You may also use sources from websites but be sure and exercise due caution when using Internet material.
  • Travel sites, Wikipedia, popular magazines, etc., may all be consulted for your paper but will not count toward your source total.
  • source reliability.
  • source documents to support your conclusions.
  • history essay format.
  • Chicago Manual of Style. No in-text citations.
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    Research Outline
    How the advent of Islam changed the region of the Arabian Peninsula

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    The Rise of the Islam


    Social Changes


    Social Security


    On Children


    Economic Changes


    Civil Changes


    Other Changes





    How the advent of Islam changed the region of the Arabian peninsula

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    The purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth analysis of how the Islam religion rose to
    Arabia and how the advent of Islam changed the region of the Arabian Peninsula. During the
    period of pre-Islamic, the Arabian Peninsula was a non-Islamic state which was dominated by

    indigenous people who believed in Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism. It was inhabited
    by different kingdoms which had different structures of governments. The governments
    controlled the types of religion to limit people's influence and command in the political field.
    After the arrival of the Jews, many people were converted to Christianity which marked the
    adherence to one Supreme Being. Zoroastrianism is a culture that has lasted for many
    The religion has its roots in the Arabian Peninsula which were dominated by Christians
    for a long period. However, several various ancient documents which were written by the
    religions show that the people lived peacefully among one not with regardless of their beliefs.
    Notably, the period between 500CE to 800CE provides a clear path that can be used to explain
    the history of the current Muslim religion and its impact within the region. The rock painting
    reveals that people were able to communicate through artwork which made it easy to recruit new
    followers through the message depicted in the paintings. Notably, people worshiped different
    gods depending on their beliefs. Many of the religions believed that their gods could only be
    invoked by offering sacrifices to them.
    The Rise of Islam
    The development of Islam as the most preferred religion in Arabia was seen
    between 500 and 800 CE. Muhammad who was the prophet was born around the 580s in Mecca.
    He initially began spreading the religious beliefs within the city around 610 CE. Later he
    migrated to medina which was about 622 CE. From that time, he together with his partners in the
    mission brought distinct nomadic tribes of Arabia and introduced them to Islam religion. This is
    when the Arab Muslim religion developed and started spreading in the region of the Arabian
    Peninsula. He consistently developed a new common religion within the Arabian Peninsula.

    After Muha...

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