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Automated Decision Systems, Expert Systems, Knowledge Management and Collaborative Systems

Investigate the impact of turning off every communication system in a firm (i.e., telephone, fax, television, radio, all computer systems).

1 .)Create a WORD document of at least 500 words (1-2 pages). Make sure you cite any sources you use in your paper and include References at the bottom of your paper with the exact URL where you found these sources. Answer the following questions:

1.1) How effective and efficient would the following types of firms be: airline, bank, insurance company, travel agency, department store, grocery store?

1.2) What would happen?

1.3 )Do customers expect 100 percent uptime? (When was the last time a major airline’s reservation system was down?)

1.4) How long would it be before each type of firm would not be functioning at all?

Big Data, Business Analytics: Emerging Trends and Future Impacts

Search the Internet for Data as a Service (DaaS) and Analytics as a Service (AaaS).

Search the internet for “Block Chain”

2) Create a WORD document of at least 500 words (1-2 pages) on how these concepts and technologies work and how they can be used to support day-to-day decision making. Make sure you cite the sources above in your paper and include References at the bottom of your paper with the exact URL where you found the sources. Answer the following:

2.1) What is the impact of DaaS & AaaS, and Block Chain on business?

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Part one
Question 1
Efficient communication is vital in an organization since it enables managers to exercise their
duties effectively. Effective communication in a firm helps in enhancing good relations between
the managers and their staff and in ensuring that operations within an organization or a firm run
smoothly and are well coordinated. Turning off the communication system in a firm leads to poor
communication which results in mismanagement and wasting valuable time.
Question 1.1
Effective communication is vital for any airline; every aircraft has to be guided through the journey
and is crucial for the safety of the plane and those on board. The major mean of communication
between the traffic controllers and the pilots of the aircraft is through the radio. Pilots in an aircraft
need to be directed by the air traffic controllers so that they can safely land and also be notified of
the conditions and the necessary action that they should take. Turning off the communication
system in an airline firm renders everything inefficient and ineffective in fact with no
communication in an airline firm no aircraft can fly since without communication the plane is just
like a bird with no specific place to go.
Effective communication in a bank is of significance maintaining good relations between
customers and for effective management. Turning off communication every communication
system in a bank reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of operations in a bank and these can
lead to loss of customers due to dissatisfaction of the services provided ...

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