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The American dream is a happy way of living with the belief that every American can
achieve their goal by working hard and aspiring to achieve more beyond their capabilities. A
significant portion of the Americans believes to be living the American dream when they have a
great shelter, financial ability, and a manageable number of children such as two or three.
The American dream way of living is defined by proper housing, financial capability, and
two or three children. However, the narrator describes joystick as a mad-house, therefore,
challenging the American dream in terms of proper housing. Moreover, the American dream
focuses on financial capabilities with at least every American having enough or more money to
spend and achieve their goals. However, the narrator is offered only twenty dollars for the work
he does these challenges the American dream in terms of financial capabilities and reduce the
probability of the narrator of achieving his goal.
The purpose of Saunders capitalizing fictional names is because the narrator wanted the
readers of the short story to know that he was referring to something specific with an inside
meaning, this exempts the phrases from the others by implying them to have a particular meaning
compared to the others in t...

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