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Arizona State University The Ordinary Seaman by Francisco Goldman Powerpoint

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I need an explanation for this Powerpoint question to help me study.

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from The Ordinary Seaman by Francisco Goldman (Norton 2014-2023); from Dreaming in Cuban by Christiana Garcia (Norton 2233-2250)

and create a powerpoint to do a presentation.

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The Primary purpose of this presentation is to summarize the two readings,
“The Ordinary Seaman” and “Dreaming in Cuban.”

Mainly, “The Ordinary Seaman” is the second book written by Francisco
Goldman to present a spellbinding and lyrical story on the promise of love,
despair, and hope.

On the other hand, “Dreaming in Cuban” is the first novel written by
Christina Garcia. The story focuses on three generations of a single family
that moves between Cuba and the United States.

The Ordinary Seaman by Francisco

In the reading, contributions of Francisco Goldman have been mentioned
where he is considered as the great influencer of Latino letters.

One of the greatest contribution identified by the Hungry Mind Review ...

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