US Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 144 Research Paper

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This essay consists three page. It is almost like a research paper. Write your point of view in the essay.

Talk about SEC rule 144

just research paper about SEC rule 144 and give the point of view of yours on the paper

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Paragraph 1: Introduction and description of SEC and their mandate, plus the SEC rule 144
Paragraph 2 and 3: SEC rule 144 conditions
Paragraph 4 and 5: Personal viewpoints on the rule.

Running Head: SEC’S RULE 144


SEC’s Rule 144
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SEC’s Rule 144

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is responsible for investor
protection, facilitating orderly means of the securities market functioning, and giving capital
information. In this regard, the agency is tasked with numerous responsibilities related to
oversight of corporate institutions. In facilitating this, the SEC has various rules that require
the disclosure of financial information from companies, to effectively offer information that
fosters transparent and efficient markets in the country. SEC's rule 144 is a regulation that
applies to dealers, underwriters, securities issuers, and other types of sellers. Necessarily, the
law is an exemption offered by the agency, from the registration requirements, to enable such
individuals to sell their control or restricted securities in the public market. According to the
SEC, restricted securities refer to those which are acquired private sales from unregistered
companies or the affiliate issuers, while control securities are those held by affiliates such as
directors or executive officers of t...

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