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You are applying for the role of quality assurance manager at a large health care system. One of the job application requirements is to provide an example of the quality improvement process, from beginning to end, to demonstrate your understanding of how this process requires action at the clinical microsystem level. As a former bedside nurse, you have a wealth of experience to bring to this example and want to be sure to include how continuous quality improvement processes must be applied at this level of care.


Consider one of the following to identify an example of how quality improvement must be applied to the clinical microsystem:

  • HCAHPS Scores
  • Medication Error Incident Reports
  • A Sentinel Event (death or serious injury not related to the natural course of the client’s illness)
  • A breach in protocol or standard of nursing practice

As you develop your example for your job application, include the following elements in a Word document:

  • Mechanisms to identify a potential problem regarding quality of service delivery.
  • Discuss techniques of data collection that may be required to illustrate the scope of the quality improvement process.
  • Identify the structure, process, or outcomes standards to place this quality improvement initiative in a context for action.
  • Identify the standards that will be used to gauge the effectiveness of the quality improvement effort.
  • Describe steps the organization (system) could or should take to avoid this quality issue in the future.
  • Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.


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Quality Improvement Process
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Quality Improvement Process
Mechanisms to Identify a Potential Problem
Problems regarding quality of service delivery may go unnoticed in the absence of the
right mechanisms. One mechanism would be HCAHPS Score, which measures patient
satisfaction with the quality of care they receive. Today, health care quality is measured through
the voice of the patient, and HCAHPS gives patients an opportunity to express their views and
perception on the care that they receive. Another mechanism is medication error reports that
disclose all errors encountered. Medication error reporting assist in identifying causes of error
and enable nurses to prioritize strategies for error prevention in primary care. Medication error
reporting policy should encourage voluntary reporting by nurses and physicians. The reports
should include data on drug handling, prescription, preparation, dispensation, administration, and
monitoring. Besides, the identified error should be described and analyzed for cause, type, and
possible prevention measures.
Another mechanism is sentinel event analysis to identify deaths or injury not related to a
patient’s illness. Hospital-acquired infections are a common cause of illness and death among
hospitalized patients (Locock et al., 2019). A sentinel event analysis can help a nurse to identify
the cause of an injury or death. The last mechanism for identifying quality issues is checking for
a breach in protocol or standard of nursing practice. It is vital to assess whether a patient fall,
injury or death is due to failure to attend to the patient’s needs or are caused by failure to conduct
hourly checks.
Data Collection Techniques
One of the effective data collection techniques for illustrating the scope of...

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