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Use MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting for your paper.

Include an outline for your paper (which includes a thesis, and an outline for each

paragraph). include your outline at the end of your paper.


Ehrenreich builds her argument about the difficulties of living on minimum or near-

minimum wage through her use of examples. Her argument is well-constructed and

her examples plentiful, but the effectiveness of many of her examples comes from

their being part of a story. By looking closely at least One of the stories she tells

about her experiences and the experiences of the people She works with, describe

how Ehreneich embeds examples in stories about individuals.

Your paper should be at least four pages long.

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Living on Minimum or Near Minimum Wage: How Ehreneich Embeds Examples in Stories
One of the difficulties of living in the United States is due to the demands of the bills that
have to be paid to provide a comfortable life as compared to the amount of money made by those
who are not in formal employment. This debate has been present now for quite some time, and
the government has been trying to pull the efforts to increase the minimum pay per hour for the
lowest working persons. Barbara Ehrenreich finds herself in this predicament, which she tells
through a story, “Serving in Florida”.
In the story, she recounts her experiences in the United States working in a number of
low paying jobs. She uses a number of scenarios in form of stories to portray the picture of
contemporary American life. This paper follows through her experiences to see the real
situations as brought out in the various stories about people she related with. Ehreinreich places
herself in a job at Restaurant named Jerry’s where she is on a quest to understanding the working
class. In this restaurant, her life situation is that she can barely survive on the little wages she is
paid and even contemplates finding a second job.
By sharing the stories of her coworkers, Ehreinreich argues that the American dream is
just but a fallacy. She demonstrates how desperate workers have no option but to place
themselves in an environment where their rights are ignored. Those who seek to live the

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American Dream have to live like donkeys with hard labor and low pay, ...

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