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1.1000 words

2. 10 references (must use references I provided, all of which can be seen in unit 1, 2,3,4,5,6...)

3. my job in this group work for operating a YouTube channel is Cost estimation, financial estimation (

Network diagram and critical path)

4. Within this module, students work in project teams on 'live projects' which aim to provide opportunities for them to apply project management methods and tools and develop project management skills in practice. The project brief is provided under 'Assessment' section on the module page on Moodle. Both CW1 and CW2 require critical analysis and application of relevant project management principles, methods and techniques to the live projects.

In the individual reflection report, you are required to critically reflect on the management of the project by your group, the lessons learned during the process, your contribution to the group work, and your personal development plan for the future.

The individual report should also effectively demonstrate how the above learning outcomes of the module have been achieved. Supporting evidences for the achievement of each learning outcome should be provided in detail in the appendices of the report

5. This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

LO1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the scale and scope of project management in private and public sectors

LO3: Evaluate a strategy to ensure effective use of resources, assets and people within the project

LO5: Identify systems and organisational culture that ensure an effective project management approach


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Final Answer


Running Head: REFLECTION





The 21st century has seen people from different races and walks of life watch different
YouTube videos to listen to music, watch silly clips, and generally waste time. However, others
view the site as an income earner uploading videos from concerts, broadcasts, and other media to
get paid using the YouTube Ad Revenue. Getting paid for uploading videos seems easy as most
videos end up going viral, but it's daunting for those looking to get big money since it needs
consistency. To earn one needs first to open an account with the site and turn on account
monetization, which requires the user to accept the advertising guidelines of YouTube. Then
they open an Adsense account to facilitate payments through Google’s Ad revenue. Earnings are
split between the user and Google, with each getting 55% and 45%, respectively. The financial
estimations of the channel show a user using as much as $300 to start up with the potential of
earning more than $30,000 per video based on the number of views.
Lessons learned
I have learned that in any project, I wish to undertake its crucial to consider the six
principles of project management. The project needs to have a clear vision and mission, which
has the end in mind. Its objectives also need to be clearly stated and communicated to the rest of
the team (Mao, 2020, Unit 1). In this case, the end of the project was to c...

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