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Saudi Electronic University Web Application for Supply Chain Traceability Paper

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Action Items
a) Web Application for Supply Chain Traceability

b) Implementation of CRM and SRM

c) Management and Implementation of Cloud Computing in Supply Chain Management

d) Mention Use of RFID Technologies for e-Enabling Logistics Supply Chains.

e) Discuss ERP Implementation Service in Supply Chain

1. Project will be based on the implementation of the e-supply chain and logistics in real world.
2. Project will require summarizing, demonstrating, and the use and potential values of SCM and LOGISTICS for an organization.
3. The word count for this assignment must be between 1200 – 1500 words.
4. The Due date for the this assignment is Week-12.

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The Use of Tools As Well As Digital Marketing Techniques
Digital marketing tools and techniques incorporated into action items (that are related to
an organization) enable perfect implementation of electronic supply chain strategies and
logistics. In this context, Almarai, which is an organization whose specialty is beverage and food
manufacturing and distribution, will be used to develop a rationale that best explains the action
items in engagement.
Web Application for Supply Chain Traceability
A supply chain that is configured to a web application to enhance traceability is best
described as a way to gather, monitor, administer, record, and store data related to the entire
supply chain of a product (Pagano & Liotine, 2019). Almarai, as a food and beverage company,
is expected to be credible in its sector and have a clear record to trace a food crisis or a
distribution channel error. The web application can be integrated with tracking and tracing
software accessible both by web and offline. The two accessibility methods can be enhanced by
Almarai incorporating cloud computing and storage in their supply chain. The functionality will
enable remote access and control while being monitored and secured by a system administrator.
Tracking and tracing through a web application is meant to allow the Almarai brand and the
retailer to be aware of all volumes passing through the supply chain.
The related benefits of supply chain traceability guided by a web application are that it
will allow Almarai to trace their food products from their farms to the end consumer. Also,
Almarai will earn the benefit of being in the capacity to conduct speedy traceability analysis in
situations of crisis. For instance, if packed milk is contaminated while in a third party
departmental store, it will be easy to find out the stage in which the milk was contaminated. Let’s



say 10,000 cartons of packed milk were transported by Almarai trucks, and another 9,000 cartons
transported by a different logistics company to different departmental stores and supermarkets.

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