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Effective Digital Communication Essay.

Search church websites, church social media sites, and other forms of digital age communication. Discover and list five separate attempts at communication by different churches or ministries. Of these attempts, four should be effective digital communication resources and one should be an ineffective digital communication resource. List the names and sites of each in the reference list.

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Many churches today have invested a lot of funds and time in digital communication
because it seems to be the only way to communicate with other new and existing members so
fast. As such, the churches have developed internet-based databases where all communication
and church transactions take place. To some point, some have endeavored to communicate with
each other through social media platforms such as Facebook. This is the latest form of
communication as it is cost-effective compared to other traditional methods. It is also easy to
access many people and operate as well. As much as digital communication is effective for the
growth of the church, here is also some level of effectiveness associated with digital
communication, as it shall be discussed hereinafter. Thus, the church needs to understand these
factors so that communication errors can be eliminated. Thus, this paper will attempt to analyze
the effectiveness of digital communication.
In the case of this study, I visited about five churches located differently to find out the
different online resources they use for digital communication. Further, I inquired about the
budgetary implications that they get involved in while maintaining the online communication
platforms. This was to help me ascertain the effective and ineffective resources, as discussed
below. I visited the databases of the following churches as...

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