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come up with a focus questions for your upcoming paper. the answer to your question will become your thesis.Here are a few examples:

1) In what ways has the concept of gender changed in my home culture and why?

2) How do gender roles play out differently in my home country than they do here in the U.S.?

3) What are the underlying causes of unequal pay for the same work (depending on gender)?

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Why There Are High Unemployment Rates among Women
Men and women face different issues in the labor market. Across the globe, searching for
a job has continuously become hard for women than men. Alternatively, when women are
employed, they tend to work in low-quality posts and also in vulnerable employment. It seem the
trend has been a norm over the past years, and there is minimal improvement forecast in the
future. When a person is employed or continuously search for a job, they are termed as to be
participating in the labor force. The current labor force participation rates among women are
around 48%, while that of men is more than 75% (Albanesi and Şahin 51) The considerable
difference shows that many women are unemployed than men. For instance, in Northern Africa
and other parts of the Arab states, the unemployment rate among women is higher because they
find a hard time looking for a job. The case of vulnerable employment is also typical in many
areas. For example women are more likely to be working at homes or in relative`s business while
men are likely to be working in account job. This example implies that women are still facing
multiple problems in terms of unemployment across the world.
The main reason that hinders many women from accessing employment opportunities is
due to employer`...

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