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The threat of Powerful Authoritarian Systems
The importance of personal liberation and self-discovery within a society is often done
away with due to free will, which in turn undermines authentic personal identity (Nafisi). Franklin
Foer writes in his book, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech, the large tech
corporations have undermined free thinking with the global community. This is among the reasons
why powerful authoritarian systems, for instance, big tech organizations are viewed as a major
threat to a free and democratic world. The big technology companies ideally depict themselves as
platforms that are used for personal liberation. Every global citizen is entitled to providing an
opinion freely within the social platforms and to be able to fulfill intellectual as well as the
democratic potential to express individuality. The mainstream media has been a massive medium
that has caused people to become stuck and lacking authentic information. Facebook has been keen
on empowering the individual. It provides a platform where people can be able to read widely,
think, and express their own opinion. However, there are times where Facebook has led global
residents and helped them in organizing themselves in opposition to power. Facebook selfconception cannot be accepted as being sincere (Tenner). The company has carefully managed to
develop a top-down system and not a robust public square. The company decides on the patterns
of conversation which are carried out on its platform. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss
how free will has been undermined by modern technology corporations.

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In a real sense, the technological organization applies certain rules and procedures in the
process of sorting data and information. These rules are devel...

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