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The Linux operating system is widely used in industry, especially for servers. Why do you believe this is the case?

Share your experiences using Linux. How would you compare it with other operating systems—like Windows?

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Linux OS


Linux os
When selecting an operating system, there are several considerations that one may need
to make. The reliability and overall ease in using an operating system are some of the
considerations that one needs to make before settling on one operating system. In relation to the
use in servers, various accounts come to play when deciding on the system that may help in
meeting the goals that the user may have. Among the well-known operating systems that meet
the requirements in terms of developing a reliable server is the Linux Operating System. As a
result of this reliability and complexity that makes it hard for hackers to easily access the system,
it is one of the widely used in this industry. Linux Operating system is more stable and reliable,
which is one of the requirements of the networks needed for the provision of needs in reference
to servers (Thomson, 2017). Another reason that makes Linux OS more preferred when it comes
to the provision of needs regarding servers is that the OS is more secure. The implementation of
a wide range of security measures that help in securing files as well as other services from
unwanted attacks. Flexibility is another feature about the Linux OS that makes it more preferred
in this sector. The system allows the users to tune the system so that it can quickly meet their
needs. One of the areas that it is well known for is allowing the users to easily install a graphic
user interface that may also allow in improving the quality of the obtained data. When selecting
for an OS that may easily support a server, hardware consideration is a significant concern that
one needs to make. Linux OS is a well-known system that supports relatively substantial
hardware that may meet the objectives of the user (Fukuda et al., 2018).
Ever since I started using Linux OS, there are some areas that I have felt that the system
is essential and is easy to use as compared to other systems. One of the best experiences that I
have felt when using the system is that the total cost that is incurred when using the system is


relatively low as compared to others. The premium support and services that I encounter are
relatively low as compared to the costs that I would encounter when using other operating
systems such as Windows. In comparison to other operating systems, I would rate the system as
the most critical and more secure in maintaining the hardware as well as software needs.
Additionally, since the system is known for restricting influences from other systems or
programs, it is more effective as compared to Windows.


Fukuda, S., Kurihara, S., Oguchi, M., & Yamaguchi, S. (2018, January). Stability improvement
of an accelerated android opera...

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