Potential Contingencies and Risks & Product Development Analysis Essay

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This question has two parts here is part one:research and describe a product development or management process, methodology, or model that could be utilized to implement our innovation – the TAIL-er. Each of us needs to have a least one source - preferably two sources - from the research. This portion should be a minimum of 300 words each.

Part two: Potential Contingencies and Risks

Contingencies/risks in the implementation process,needs to be between 375 and 525 word count – with cited sources!

Part one is due on Wednesday Part two on Thursday

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hello, here is the complete assignment. In case you need help with the edits and
future assignments, I will be available to help. Otherwise, goodbye for
now. Stay safe
hello, here is the complete assignment. In case you need help with the edits and
future assignments, I will be available to help. Otherwise, goodbye for
now. Stay safe


TAIL-er Innovation
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Methodology or model that could be utilized to implement the TAIL-er innovation
Key Features

The innovation has directional tracking that guides the pet owner in the right direction to
look for the pet.

TAIL-er uses the 2.4GHz RF, which ensures that the functioning does not interfere with
other wireless devices around it.

The application is water-resistant for outdoor activities

Temperature indicator alerts that show when thee temperatures is too high or too low for
the device to operate efficiently.
The TAIL-er innovation allows tracking of pets in the indoor environment, around the

home, or in the apartment. The SNIFF model will be used in the implementation of the TAIL-er
innovation tracking system. The SNIFF model contains five scales that will evaluate the
implementation. The scales include the strategy, impact, feasibility, and feel. The scale in the
SNIFF model for testing the TAIL-er tracking system was the strategy that fits well to locate lost
pets and ensuring that pets are safe. The need for the attached tag in the pet will help pet owners
track their lost pets in the recognized distance. The impact of the TAIL-er tracking system will
positively affect pet owners and offer a large market across the globe. The feasibility of the
TAIL-er is its effectiveness in collaborating with technological exerts and veterinaries in tracking
lost pets. The feel of innovation is exciting because it will provide pet security for pets.
Implementation of TAIL-er innovation



TAIL-er innovation will be designed in two units linked together as a system that will be
trusted to ensure the safety of the pet. The handset of the TAIL-er will function as the receiving
box of the RF signals from other parts (O'Brie, 2019). The handset is light in weight, such that it
can be carried in a small pocket, and can allow connections up to 4 devices.
Tags will be connected to the headset, and then attached to the pet through Velcro straps,
which can send signals from the distance around home or apartment; approximately 500 meters.
When the pet goes out of the sight, the TAIL-er tracking system will be able to scan around the
area or within the specified tracking radius to all nearby bushes, houses, shops, and garages and...

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