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Discuss the different factors that can and cannot be used by an agency in determining who shall be prosecuted.

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Running head: PROSECUTION

Factors in Determining Who Shall be prosecuted
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Factors in Determining Who Shall be prosecuted
Where the law and the facts may otherwise be appropriate for the trial, the Department's
attorney will look at the considerations found herein, in so far as they relate to the decision of
how and whether to prosecute them and all other applicable considerations. There are some of
the variables that might be important. They are not a standard formula or criteria checklist for
agency decision making regarding prosecution. Such agencies clearly explain some of the kinds
of details that are essential to their discretion in prosecution (Barkow & Barkow, 2011). In any
scenario, it is impossible that there would be one element. All relevant variables shall be taken
into account and weighed in the specified case.
The Department's lawyer will investigate whether the person has brought the complaint
under review knowingly, in a quick and thoroughly informed way. Consideration will be given to
how the individual arrived at the quantity and standard of details received immediately following
his observations of non-compliance (Barkow & Barkow, 2011). It should also be addressed in
particular how the report added to the investigation phase of the agency and whether information
of non-compliance had already been acquired before law enforcement or administrative authority
(federal, state, or local authorities). A disclosure shall not be called "voluntary" because it is
already explicitly mandated by statute, legislation or permit
Every regularized, rigorous, and thorough environmental enforcement plan would be
taken into consideration with an agency counsel. An environmental monitoring system or
administrative evaluation may be used in the plan. It should be addressed in particular if there are
appropriate safeguards in support of the implementation or audit system to detect and deter
potential non-compliance, and if the system was enforced on a timely basis in good faith.



Barkow, A. S., & Barkow, R. E. (2011). Prosecutors in the Boardroom: Using Criminal Law to
Regulate Corporate Conduct. NYU Press.


The Fourth Amendment in Criminal Justice and Administrative Contexts
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