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Respond to, two of your colleagues’ posts separately who offered different strategies.

  • Using information from the readings, suggest ways he or she could enhance the likely success of the strategies presented.

Use the colleagues resources to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

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Enhancing the Success of the Strategies.
On the strategy of sharing outcomes of situations where parents have willingly accepted
to be part of the therapy session for their children, the success of this strategy can be boosted by
not only sharing the outcomes with the resistant parents but also presenting real-life examples
(Hembree-Kigin, 2013). A social worker can, therefore, look for parents who worked together
with their child during therapy and request them to share their experience of engaging in therapy
with their children with resistant parents. Bringing the parents on board together with the
children who went through the therapy in one way or the other will sound convin...

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