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Watch the following videos and after that answer the following questions:

La Amistad National Park - Panama, Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Wild Life Documentary


Albatros Media DarĂ­en

  1. Make a summary that integrates the main points of these three videos. (20 points)
  2. What is the importance of the La Amistad rainforest, and the Darien National Park for Panama? (15 points).
  3. What do you think are the main threats that these parks might have? Mention at least three threats and explain why do you think they are threats (15 points).
  4. Discuss at least three alternatives that can be implemented to protect these important natural areas, its flora, and fauna as well as people who live there. What you as an individual can do to protect these areas (20 points),

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Question one
The three videos, La Amistad national Park-Panama, Costa Rica wildlife documentary,
Darien national park, and Albatros media Darien, give similar information on nature. They
represent complex preservation areas where the governments protect the wild animals from
poachers. La Amistad national park is located at the border of Panama and Costa Rica and is the
largest park in the region. It serves as a protected area for wild animals and snakes. It shows
biodiversity in several aspects, which is an ideal aim of nature conservation, has waterfalls, and
host some communities of Asian origin.
Darien national park represents an excellent natural feature used by many tourists and
local adventurers. There is no road network connecting North America and the South; thus, the
primary mode of transport used in the region is water. It is also a world heritage site in Panama
and is regarded as the leading extensive national parks in the area. Darien national park is also
considered as a significant natural heritage in America since it serves as a geographical
demarcation separating North and South America. Albatros media Darien also focuses on the
conservation of wildlife such as water creatures such as hyenas, cheaters, among others. It is also
a home for the Asian communities. From all the three videos, it is clear that emphasis is on the
preservation of nature, both the forests and the wild animals.

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Question two
Biodiversity conservation
Conservation of nature is an essential aspect that most communities around the globe
strive to embrace. Nature is a natural resource that is inherited by one generation from the other;
it is wise to protect the environment and the natural resources. In the contemporary world,
poaching of wildlife has turned to be a significant phenomenon making some of the animals to
be extinct. Based on these factors, the idea by the government of Panama to provide a
conservation area has been essential in protecting the animals. Conservation areas are protected
areas where wildlife can live free from attacks. Hence, they have been crucial in protecting the
endangered species. It helps in maintaining the ecological processes as well as helping the region
to retain its distinct species.
Attraction of tourist
Wildlife and physical features s...

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