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For this assignment, you will conduct Internet research about poverty in the United States and create a photo essay that depicts the economic struggles that many Americans are facing today. Photo essays consist of a collections of photographs or images that portray a particular message. The idea of this assignment is to be creative, so don't let a new type of assignment hinder you. Your photo essay should have an organized theme, linking two photos in some way in the essay.

Theme ideas include a certain area or region (urban or rural), lost jobs, a personal story, the recession, immigration, economic impact of globalization, low-paying jobs, slums, kids and poverty, hunger, elderly and poverty, single parents and poverty, health care and poverty, drugs, or other social issues that may be associated with poverty. You are not limited to these ideas; you may pick any theme that you think depicts the economic struggles of Americans.

You will submit the following in one document:

  1. Two photos that support one common social theme.
  2. Each photo must come from a different webpage, article, or source. In other words, do not find an article or photo essay online and copy both photos from that one source. The photos may be your own photos, photos found online, or a combination of both.
  3. Provide a 100-word (minimum) description for each of the two photos that states what each of the photos represents.
  4. The descriptions should educate the reader about the social theme you are presenting.
  5. Provide a 150-word (minimum) summary of your photo theme and explain how social class as a social structure influences the opportunities or life choices for the individuals or individual in your photo essay.
  6. Conclude with a statement of what you learned from this photo essay assignment.

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Internet photo research

The two photos represent a social theme of how some kids face poverty in United States

Image 1
The photo represents a child facing deep poverty in Fresno that is a city located at the
central valley of California. The city is well known to do well in agricultural activities producing
major fruits like grapes, plums, peaches, tomatoes, and other agricultural products (American
poverty, 2020). Though the place is known to produce the products, it is one of the highest cities
representing poverty rates in the country. The son in the picture is called Mark Smith, who is one
of the employees on the farms of Fresno city. The mother has two siblings, and they also live with
their grandmot...

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